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Have a nice welcome to Arequipa, one of the most populous metropolitan area in Peru; Come and join us on our Free Walking Tours Arequipa by 10:00 am. and 3:00 pm.
In our Morning Free Tour Downtown Arequipa you will go exploring lots of places in Downtown Arequipa; Things and Places that have to do with Incan, Colonial and Republican Background, Life Style, Tradition, Food, Music and much more.

Get to visit places such as The Jesuit Cloister of the Company of Jesus, a complex made up by the Jesuits for religious and living purposes, built back at the 17th century besides this spot join us to visit The San Camilo Market, the main farmer’s market in Arequipa, spanning a few blocks and containing an upper-level cafeteria plus a couple basic restaurants it is a nice spot to wander around in.

Our Morning Free Walking Tours Arequipa also include Chaqchao Organic Chocolates, a spot that is a must in this City, a place for you to improve your know-how regarding Peruvian chocolate and the steps that must be done to make the Cacao beans into chocolate bars.

All of you are kindly invited to our Free Walking Tours Arequipa to learn more about our city and have a lot of fun within 2.5h to 3h.


  • Chaqchao Organic Chocolates.
  • The Jesuit Cloister of the Company of Jesus.
  • San Camilo Market.
  • Colonial Buildings.
  • El Solar Neighborhood.
  • Deja Vu Restaurant.
  • Alpaca Zoo.
  • The first Jail.
  • The first Hotel.
  • The Love Park
  • And much more.

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Tours Information:


Click here to reserve. Groups of 10 or more must contact us before booking.

Where: Gather us at Santa Catalina Street 204 inside the CHOCOLATE MUSEUM.

When: @10:00 am. Every day from Monday to Sunday (7 days of the week).

Duration: Approximately 2 hours and a half. Approximately 1.5 miles (2k) in distance.

How to recognize our Tour Guides? Please look for the Free Tour Downtown Arequipa SIGN.

Cost: This tour is free to take, and you get to decide what, if anything, the tour was worth when it’s done. A name-your-own-price tour is a tour for every budget.

Are the Tours Changeable or do you stick strictly to each tour`s itinerary? We are going to do our best to stick to our itinerary, but they can be changeable on the following situations:

  • Tour Guide’s choice or recommendation.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Demonstrations or strikes on the streets.
  • Passengers Request (need to be the majority).
  • Traditional festivities.

What clothing do I need to bring to the Walking Tours? At all-time bring a Warm Cloth, Hats, Sun Glasses, Tablets, Safety Shoes, Rain Coats or Umbrellas, Sun Block, finally bring a Big Smile and Go Pro.

Available Languages: English and Spanish, for both languages we need a considerable group of passengers, so that we can make a unilingual guided group, otherwise will be bilingual. Either unilingual or bilingual we DO our best to make a great walking tour.


BE AWARE: For those people who want a great quality service, make sure you get a service with “Free tour Downtown Arequipa”, if you take a service with somebody else ASK their triadvisor account and write for them, because free tour downtown Arequipa is a local – private – different company.

KEEP IN MIND¡ This service is operated by Free Tour Downtown Arequipa, a union of Local Tour Guides in this city.
We recommend this company since it is the number one walking tour on tripadvisor although we don’t take no responsibility about the great or non-great service in Arequipa, you’ve got the last word or just see their Tripadvisor reviews before you join this awesome team in Arequipa.

IMPORTANTE¡ Este servicio de free tour esta operado por Free Tour Downtown Arequipa, una organización de Guías Locales Profesionales.
Recomendamos esta compañía porque de acuerdo a los comentarios en tripadvisor el servicio es de 4.5 a 5 estrellas sin embargo no tomamos ninguna responsabilidad por lo maravilloso de la calidad del servicio o por lo que ocurra durante su free tour en Arequipa en tal caso vea los comentarios en Tripadvisor de Arequipa y haga una decisión sabia, basado en testimonios reales.


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  • We do share the history of Peru both Spanish and Indigenous sides.
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