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Thanks for taking your precious time for reading our website, throughout this free tour we would love showing  you our city: Lima, known better as the City of the Kings because of its Golden era at the colonial times, when taking our Free Walking Tour Lima, you will have the opportunity to explore the city as a local because we will take the Metropolitano a very common local transportation, while we are in downtown we will show you the most remarkable attractions out form the beaten path such as the Rimac River, Afro-Museum, The House of Literature, very colonial streets and more museums.

While walking with us, you are not in a tour, you are walking with Local Friend, No rush, not a boring man but a professional friend-tour-guide showcasing you our city by using a Decent English, explore the city better, walk better, travel better with us like more than 30, 000 walkers already done.

Who are we in Lima city?

We are professional Tour Guides graduated from very prestigious universities and institutes, we all got our Carnet (Tour Guide’s License, note that in Peru nobody can work as a tour guide unless they have studied to be so), apart from this our Local Team in Lima is well-experienced to deal with customers in Tourism industry.

What is a Free Walking Tour in Lima?

Being part in a Free Walking Tour Lima, is very simple, interesting, good quality service, educational and sometimes fun, because of these reasons and more Free Tour CO’s are getting trendier, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Sure like 99% of walking tour companies we also work on Tip Basis only, so technically they are post-paid services according to the quality of the tour, if by any chance your free walking tour was not good, please you don’t have to tip, this all what’s a walking tour about in the world.

Free Tour up Times: From Mon to Sat at 10am & 11am – we don´t operate free tours on Sundays in Lima city.


  • If you start your free tour from Calle Tarata, Miraflores, this tour takes 3.5 hours approx. please consider you have this time.
  • If you start your free tour in front of La Merced Church, at Jirón de la Union Street in downtown Lima, this tour takes 2.5 hours approx., so please consider you have this time.

Price: Tip Basis as it is all over the world, for more details you can go to faqs. (No ofrecemos Tours Gratis)..

What to bring?

  • This is Perú, where the weather is very changeable, therefore bring WARM CLOTH(April to November), Summer Cloth (December to March), Comfortable Walking Shoes, Sunscreen, Sun Glasses, Bottle of water and Hats.
  • If your start your free tour from Miraflores, bring 2.50 soles for your bus transportation, bring it in coins.

How to recognize our Official Tour Guides? Look for Inkan Milky Way Logo-Sign.

Booking: According to your available timelanguage and the place where you are staying click on your free tour below and book (you will have an instant confirmation), note that the route is equal – You can also write us to our WhatsApp: +51 958745640  & +51 984479073

Meeting Points:

  • In Miraflores: Join us at 10am, Meet us at Calle Tarata 248 in Mama Olla restaurant, just 2 min AWAY on foot from Kennedy Park, Don’t be late.

How to find us in Miraflores? We are 2min to 5min AWAY from Kennedy Park(on foot). Use as Landmark Tarata street, everybody knows this street. If you need more help Whatsapp us. message to +51 958745640 or +51 984479073

  • In downtown Lima: Join us at 11am, Meet us in front of La Merced Church, at Jirón de La Union, just 5 min away on foot from Plaza Mayor Lima, Don’t be late.
  • If you are in Barranco district check here.


  • Unlike other people, we start ON TIME, we don’t keep “waiting and waiting and waiting for tourists”, we don’t waste your precious time, so BE ON TIME, especially in Miraflores.
  • Logo Priority: in Lima city there are a lot of people who wear yellow vests, even some guys that copied this colour from us, therefore orientate yourself based on the Logo: Inkan Milky Way Logo Sign at the Correct Meeting Points.
  • We don’t pick up people from plaza de armas or ovalo miraflores, that is NOT us.
  • Lima is a city where we have protests, so from time to time our free tours might be delayed or even cancelled suddenly, please we ask for your patience and understanding in advance.


Free Walking Tour Lima @ 10am – Pick up from Calle Tarata 248, Miraflores

Pick up from Calle Tarata 248 in Mama Olla Restaurant – Miraflores

We will take you to visit the hidden treasures of this city, such as palaces, balconies, churches, museums, viewpoints, and much more.

  • From Mon to Sat, join us at 10AM, DO NOT BE LATE. – We don’t operate on Sundays.
  • This tour is in spanish and english.
  • Este free walking tour Lima es 100% español, se recomienda asistir a este tour, para los guiados en español.
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Free Walking Tour Downtown Lima @ 11am – Join us in front of La Merced Church

STARTING in front of La Merced Church at Jirón de la Union – near downtown Lima

Come and enjoy Lima downtown by walking, not just historic spots will be shown to your but Local life, current social facts also will be explained.

  • From Mon to Sat, join us at 11AM, please don’t be late.
  • This tour is in English and Spanish.
  • Este tour es 100% español, se recomienda asistir a este tour, para los guiados en español
  • We see you son.
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How can I join you free tour if I am at Barranco district?
Free Walking Tour Lima from Barranco, make your way STRAIGHT to La Merced Church

How can I join you free tour if I am at Barranco district?

For all tourists that are staying in Barranco district, you can be part of this experience and make the best of your day.

  • How to join our free tour?
  • How to take the Metropolitano?
  • How much should I pay for a taxi ride until dowtn Lima?
  • Find all answers by clicking below.
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Be Aware with other people claiming to work with us which is NOT true
meeting point lima
meeting point map lima

Free Tour Lima 10am - Pick up in Calle Tarata, Mrflrs

Free Tour Lima 11am - in La Mercerd Church

Very interesting
We had an amazing walking tour with Richard. He is very knowledgeable of the city’s broad history and cleared all our questions. He also made sure we had fun and didn’t forget what he was telling us. Perfect first day in the amazing city of Cusco.

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The best!
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Fun and very informative tour
Fun and very informative tourolivem90 Falmouth, Reino Unido
I did the English walking tour with Richard. It was really great - I felt like the emphasis was on Cuscos Incan/Quechuan history and this was a really pleasant surprise! I learned a lot of interesting facts and he led us to places I hadn't found on my own during ...

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Why to choose us?

  • We are totally ReNEWed with NEW Managers, NEW Operators, NEW Tour Guides, 100% NEW Improved itineraries.
  • All Free Walking Tours in Lima are operated by Inkan Milky Way Tours & Walks Lima, a Local & Indigenous Peruvian company.
  • Our Tours & Walks, including our Free Tours are conducted by well-prepared team, professional Tour Guides, and Licensed tour operator agency.
  • English is a big issue in Tourism industry since many tourists find quite difficult to understand our Peruvian English accent, don’t you worry about this, we DO speak Decent English.
  • Unlike other companies our Lima by Walking Tour is peppered with History & Culture than Drinks or Beers, we believe that Lima is full of history and therefore there is no time for visiting Bars, what is more for taking a Pisco Sour your don’t need a Tour Guide.
  • To contact us is very simple, just send us a whatsapp message or dial the following numbers: +51 958745640 & +51 984479073 – If no answer try the other one, if still no answer give us a break, we might be guiding but we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • We are an outspoken Free Tour Company, therefore we say and we mean it, our walks based on Tips.
  • Para los turistas que hablan español, Nuestros Free Tours NO son Gratis, tienen un costo al final del tour, de acuerdo a la calidad del Tour, es mas en esta compañía Nunca ofrecemos ni ofreceremos Tours Gratis, ofrecemos Free Walking Tours, que es un concepto anglosajón, tampoco tenemos la filosofía de “Pay what you like” o “Paga lo que quieras”, pero SI el siguiente concepto Pay What you think the tour was worth o Paga lo que crees que cuesta el tour, es decir si su free tour fue de muy buena calidad, paga un precio generoso, porque ningún buen tour es barato, al menos NO en esta compañía.
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What Sets Us Apart?

Number One free walking tour Company – Number 5th private tour Company on tripadvisor- recommended by almost 800 reviewers – know better – book better – go better We are a small family – local co. that promotes ecologically and socially responsible Tourism by showcasing our authentic country’s beauty history and idiosyncrasy.

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