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In order to make easy for you to keep walking through the finest tour companies around the globe, we have chosen the premier ones worldwide based on their tripadvisor reviews.
Keep walking worldwide and learn about every single new city you visit through the eyes of local licensed guides.
Keep in mind that they are free to take but attendees can always tip as per how much they love the service and get the best private tour service from them as well.
Are you the owner of a walking tour company? If so please send us a message, we will add it.

Meet Mr. Kent, a graduated cum laude from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Geography, he is traveling across the world, visit the best places he has already traveled to, take the best educational travel tips from Mr. Kent.
Join me here
Genuine walking tours in Stockholm- Sweden, they are totally free to take so that everybody can enjoy it, Free Tour Stockholm will show you this amazing city history. They take 1.5-2 hours. Tip them as per how much you love the tour. Visit us
Discover Madrid by taking either a free walking tour or best bespoke tours from a local perspective. We offer an open window of insight into history, culture, traditions, gastronomy and daily life.Visit us
Local, professional and laid-back tour guides who love Prague. We like to share our enthusiasm, knowledge, local perspective and our own admiration of Prague with anybody who makes it on our Free Walking Tours or Communism & Bunker Tour or even private tours.Visit us
Somos amantes de la carretera, viajamos sin una idea muy clara del destino, sin fechas establecidas… vivimos el día a día a través de una apuesta intrínseca que muchas veces nos lleva a desconocer donde pasaremos la noche, queremos compartir nuestras historias y fotografías.Visit us
At NOLA TOUR GUY all our tours are free. How can we do this? We are so sure you will enjoy our historic walking tours that you will gladly and generously tip our guides (typically between $10-20 a person. Join us, you won’t be disappointed. For more info on all the tours we offer Visit us
Realizamos recorridos gratuitos a pie por la Ciudad Vieja de Montevideo a través del cual todo visitante podrá conocer la historia, las costumbres y las mejores recomendaciones para un viaje maravilloso en Uruguay.Visit us
Meet Joao, a tour conductor traveling across the globe, showing the best places to visit, best restaurants, premier itineraries, local people, etc.
If you are traveling alone or with some friends join Joao to a have memorable experience wherever you are going.Meet João

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