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Our Cusco city is almost 1000 years old city founded by Manco Capac and Mama Occllo, a mythical couple that gives the genesis to the Incas.

It is the capital of the Cusco Region as well as the Cusco Province. This lovely city has a population of half a million approx. and its elevation is over 3,400 m (11,200 feet). This city was the historical capital of the Incan Civilization from the year 1000 AD until 16th century when the Spanish arrived and the collapse of this civilization started up, because of many factors such as diseases, better Spanish technologies, many tribes became allies of the Spaniards and so on and so forth. From the 16th century until 19th century Cusco and Peru was part of Spain, in 1821 the 28th of July we got our emancipation done by Sr.  Joseph de San Martin, since then we are a Republic and Cusco is not anymore a capital City although a very important city from the historical viewpoint therefore In 1983 this city has been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It has become a major tourist destination, receiving nearly 2 million visitors a year.

Because of this reasons and many other more join us for our Night Tour, that is suitable for everybody, we are going to combine our strong Incan and baroque style background City with the night.


  • COST: 15.00 USD per person.
  • DURATION: 2 hours and a half approx., 1 Mile or 1.6 Kilometers, Flat Walking.
  • MINIMUM WALKERS REQURED: 2 passengers.
  • TRANSPORTATION: No need, everything will be by walking.
  • STARTING TIME: 05:30 pm (this is referential starting time you can always change it for later, since this is a customized night walking tour).
  • HOW TO PAY? At the same Meeting Point, at the beginning of the Tour or at the end of the Tour all up to you, you pay to the Tour Guide.
  • WHAT TO BRING? At all times, bring some walking shoes, some WARM CHOTHES, and a BIG SMILE.
  • LOOK FOR THE FTF LOGO on the Yellow Vests ONLY.
  • TOUR GUIDE: Will be either Richard or Elvis, if somebody else we will let you know.


  • Briefing about Cusco city.
  • Ancient map of Cusco city (Puma city)
  • Plaza de armas
  • Inti K’ijllu (Sun Street)
  • Temple of Qoricancha (Outdoor)
  • Palace of Pachaquteq (Outdoor)
  • Palace of Tupaq Inca Yupanqui (Outdoor)
  • Palace of Inca Roca (Outdoor)
  • We can always end up our tour at any place of your choice either at a Restaurant, Plaza de Armas or we can even walk you back to your Hotel.

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Personalize your experience, choose the tour that fits you better either a Free Walking Tour or 100% private-personalized Tour, visit them with a Local, whether you are a family group, a business group, a couple or a solo traveler, we guarantee your delight as we go with you on an unforgettable experience through the wonders of Cusco.

100% History
Free Tours by Foot Cusco
Free Tour

Free Tours by Foot Cusco

Unlock Cusco history with the number ONE walking tour company, we guarantee to do our best by sharing our idiosyncrasy  within 2.5 hours – NO SHOPS.
We offer original Cusco free walking tour peppered with a lot of History rather than BARS or RESTATURANTS

History & Culture
Tour sacred valley cusco
From 25 USD

Private Walking Tour Downtown Cusco

Tired of joining a walking tour with plenty of attendees? Want an exclusive service for you only? Go ahead, join our handcrafted walking city tour in Downtown Cusco by visiting the less touristic places but very relevant spots in terms of history, culture and lifestyle.

History at Night
Tour sacred valley cusco
From 20 USD

Cusco by Night

Don't know what to do in the night time? Join our night walking tour within the historical center of Cusco city. 100% flat walk with no stairs at all, good for everyone who is keen to walk – best tour to take the memorable night photos. Bring warm clothing at all times.

100% Inca Culture
Tour sacred valley cusco
From 30 USD

Museo Inca & Machupicchu Museum

Museum Walking Tour

Join the only one Museum Walking Tour – reason? Museum are places where we keep our Andean culture alive, this platform are used by us to make the best scientific interpretation from the Inca civilization including the articrafts found in Machupicchu by Hiram Bingham.

Inca & Spanish Religion
Tour sacred valley cusco
From 30 USD

Qoricancha Temple & Santo Domingo Church

Museum Walking Tour

Qoricancha (the golden temple) known once as Wari Cancha, the temple of the Wari inhabitants, unveil the best Inca architecture ever, Andean religion and the syncretism between the Ameri – Indigenous social stratification and European civilization brought to Peru by Francisco Pizarro.

100% Barroque
Tour sacred valley cusco
From 30 USD

Cathedral & San Francisco Church & Catacombs

Art Gallery Walking Tour

What's Cusco is not only the Indigenous culture but the Spanish influence as well through the Colonial Paintings depicted by back in the 16th and 17th century. If you go Russia you want to visit the Hermitage, then visit our Arte Galleries inside our churches.

What Sets Us Apart?

Number One free walking tour Company – Number 5th private tour Company on tripadvisor- recommended by almost 800 reviewers – know better – book better – go better We are a small family – local co. that promotes ecologically and socially responsible Tourism by showcasing our authentic country’s beauty history and idiosyncrasy.

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Tour sacred valley cusco Short Trekking In and Around Cusco

Make the best of your day by visiting Saqsayhuaman (megalithic Inca Architecture), learn about our Indian deities at the Qenqo and more Inca sites – top it off with the white Jesus and best panoramic view of Cusco city.

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Tour sacred valley cusco Sacred Valley

If you just arrived to Cusco city, this tour is the best for acclimatization since it is lower that Cusco city. If you are Andean landscape lover this is for you, if you are history lover this is you cup of tea.

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If you are a tourist who is looking for places that are not very crowded with tourists, this the one, peppered with the best Incan aqueduct system, best baroque style painting in the Sistine Chapel of America.

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