City Tour Peru. The tourist attractions in Lima.

Hello bloggers, adventurers. If you are planning your trip to Lima, the capital of Peru, then this topic is for you. Lima the capital of turkey has many tourist attractions that leave anyone’s mouth open. Let us discuss in these topics the tourist places that cannot be missed when visiting Lima. There are plenty of reasons to stay at least 1 week in Lima to explore the Peruvian capital. Lima has several attractions, ranging from museums, archaeological sites, cliff tops and more. Continue reading more in the blog !

The Green Coast:

The green coast is a quiet place to cycle in Lima, it extends through four districts, each with its own character. Parks greenjacosta verde, limantes and a seafront separate cycle lane from the Malecon road in San Isidro and Miraflores, the richest neighborhoods. It has a lookout point to see the paragliders, if you like and practice skateboarding, or visit Parque del Amor if you are with your best friend. Alternatively, go down in Miraflores to Waikiki beach and watch the surfers surfing.

The Plaza de Armas of Lima:

The Plaza de Armas de Lima: is a place of opportunities for endless photos. The notable buildings on the square include the Government Palace and the Cathedral of Lima, as well as the Archbishop’s Palace and the Casa del Oidor, both sport box ornate wooden balconies. There is Lima Cathedral (the home of a small museum and the remains of Francisco Pizarro), the Church of Santo Domingo, the sumptuous Iglesia de la Merced, and many, many more …

The Barranco neighborhood:

The district of Barranco is known for being a bohemian neighborhood, full of cafes, bars and art galleries, has more modest parks on its bluff. Its paved walk to the beach of the “Bridge of Sighs”, or Bridge of Sighs, is a pleasant stroll. Barranco, called Lima‘s bohemian neighborhood, is a good place to park in love for a daytime stroll or a lively night because it is full of bars, breweries with live music. The ravine has a bridge, if you like small bridges, you will love the ornate Puente de los Sighs, which crosses the Bajada de Baños, a footbridge that runs down to the beaches below.

The Kennedy Park: Kennedy-Park:

In the heart of the Miraflores business district, probably the best place to people-watch in Lima. Cafes, restaurants, bookstores, and the Virgen Milagrosa church, a magnet for stray cats, flank it. The municipal government organizes free music shows, dancing and theater nights Three blocks north of the park on Av. Petit Thouars is the folk art craft market. Plaza de Armas, Presidential Palace: One of the most charming central squares of Latin America, the Plaza de Armas, in the Lima district downtown is heady at night, park-Kennedy park especially the Archbishop’s Palace. See the changing of the guard at 13:00 every day, but Sunday at the Presidential Palace. Parque Kennedy and Central Park in Miraflores, they all seem very at ease with the world. Noteworthy parks located in the center of Lima include the eight-hectare Parque de la Reserva which houses the Magic Water Circuit), the Parque de la Exposición and Parque de la Muralla (where you can see remnants of the old city walls and the statue of Francisco Pizarro ). There is also the elegant Bosque el Olivar in San Isidro, one of the most beautiful and most interesting parks in the city, and the Parque María Reiche in front of the sea, which has lit up Nazca Lines figures at night.

Free Museums of Lima: Museo-Larco:

Get acquainted with Peruvian history in one or more of the city’s numerous museums of history and archeology. Highlights include Museo Larco and Museo de la Nación. Also in the center, in Plaza Bolivar, is the Spanish Inquisition museum. Yes, they tortured heretics in Lima, too. You will like the Numismatico Museum of the central bank; also, the center is the Afro-Peruvian museum. The unmissable exhibition for students of the recent history of Latin America: No Museo de la Nacion. Explore Lima’s art museums, including the Lima Art Museum (MALI), the new Lima Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC Lima) and smaller galleries such as Germán Krüger Gallery.

The magic circuit of the Waters: magic circuit of the waters in Lima.

How about a visit to Circuito das Águas, an impressive series of illuminated fountains in Parque de la Reserva, Parque de la Reserva, is a wonderful collection of 13 ornamental, cybernetic and interactive fountains, where water, light, music, images and effects of laser are combined in perfect union and harmony and present us with an incredible and unique emotion full of magic and fantasy. It boasts world-wide recognition and distinction of having been named the world’s largest fountain complex in a public park by the Guinness book. Dont miss !!!! When in Lima.

Pre-Columbian Ruins of Huaca Pucllana and Huaca Huallamarca.Do´t miss to see these two truncated pyramids, which predate the Incas. Huaca Pucllana is located in the popular tourist area of ​​Miraflores, about nine blocks north of Kennedy Park (if you have some money to burn, there is also a good restaurant on site). Huaca Huallamarca is located in the rich neighborhood of San Isidro.


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