Don’t Miss the South Valley of Cusco in Peru. Know more about…

Hello bloggers, today we are going to talk about the South Valley of Cusco, don’t miss, when in Peru.

The Valley of the South is an authentic site, you will find much less visitors, several interesting places, besides being closer than the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Take a day trip to the South Valley in Cuzco. There are few people and several wonderful places to visit. It is one of the ways to get into the heart of Peruvian culture. The south Valle of Cuzco, It is known for combining beautiful natural landscapes, Inca architecture in Tipon, pre architecture, Inca Wari in Pikillacta, visit Andahuaylillas its beautiful chapel, known as the “Sistine Chapel of America”; without forgetting the tasty gastronomy that can be tasted in Saylla, Huasao.

The pre-Inca ruins of Piquillacta:

This is different from the previous site, it is a pre-Inca city. This adobe complex was built by the Wari culture, which dominated the central and coastal regions of Peru. It is considered the first culture that made use of the overlapping terraces (agricultural terraces); In addition, many of the administrative practices of the Incas were adopted from the Wari civilization.

Visit the Tipón complex:

The Tipón complex will show a set of terraces and water channels that are believed to have been used by the Incas as a ceremonial center for worshiping the liquid element. The current town of Tipon has several vendors along the main road, especially on weekends, when all restaurants open their doors so you can taste one of the favorite dishes here, roasted wood (The Porquindo of India).
Visit the Sistine Chapel of the Americas:

The church of the city of Andahuaylillas is known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Americas”. It is situated in a beautiful and quiet square. The works of art inside made this baroque church famous. It has beautiful paintings made by the school of religious art of Cuzco (Cusqueña School).

See Huacarpay Lagoon:

You can make a short walk to the Huacarpay lagoon in Cuzco, This wetland has been declared a place of international importance due to the large number of migratory birds that stop here. Every October thousands of birds from the northern hemisphere use this place as a crossing point to the south. Then, when the northern winter ends, in April, they stop on the way back to the northern summer. In addition, birds that avoid the harsh winter in the Andes migrate to this place to enjoy the relatively low altitude, enjoy the best temperatures and the large amount of food. This is a lovely place to enjoy your lunch.