The Larco Museum: the most visited in Lima, Peru.

Hello bloggers, today we’re going to talk about the Larco Museum in Lima, the most visited in Lima. The TripAdvisor: Considers the Larco Museum among the 25 best in the world Read more in the blog ! In Lima don´t miss and visit the Museo Larco, in the neighborhood of Pueblo Libre. If you look on TripAdvisor, you will discover that Lima’s most visited attraction is a museum. The Rafael Larco Herrera Archaeological Museum, or Museo Larco, as it is best known, is the main museum in Lima and one of the main museums in South America. From there, you will find more than 45 thousand objects in permanent exhibition, organized by chronology. They are pieces that tell the story of pre-Inca, Inca and even after the arrival of the Spaniards on the continent 500 years ago and much more you will see there.

How to get to the Larco Museum?

The neighborhood of Pueblo Libre is one of the most traditional districts of the city of Lima. It is a bit far from Miraflores, where most of the tourists are staying, so take a taxi to go there. The Larco Museum impresses from the entrance. Everywhere you look, they are flowers of the most diverse shades and colors. The gray Lima suddenly became completely joyful on the walls of the museum. Right next to it, a huge garden with treadmills that visitors can pick up and use at will.To complete the scenery, the outdoor area also has a souvenir shop with beautiful pieces, a beautiful and well decorated restaurant “El Museo Larco Café e Restaurant”, and flavored water distributed freely in the garden and at the concierge. I have already started to love the Larco Museum.

The main exhibition of the Larco Museum

Admission costs around 31 soles per person. The visit starts there from the side of the ticket office. A beautiful, well-decorated patio opens onto several doors. One of them takes us to the main exhibition. Immediately, people plunge headlong into the history of the civilizations of South America, long before the Incas thought of inhabiting these lands. The rooms are arranged in chronological order and the pieces impress. Quite clearly, we can keep track of how people have evolved in knowledge and technology over the years.  You can go and passed through rooms divided into regions, showing the differences between the peoples who inhabited the north, the south, and the center of the country. I marveled at the gold and silver pieces and ornaments that belonged to the ancient Incan rulers.The vast collection of the Museo Larco in Lima is impressive! The huge bookcase that precedes the video room “where a film about the museum and its collection is displayed”. The care in decoration, with pieces always related to the theme of the museum, is a highlight.

The Larco Museum Technical ReserveAnother door from the entrance hall leads us to the museum’s Technical Reserve. In addition, I have to say that few times I’ve been in such an impressive place. All perfectly organized, cataloged and distributed by type, color and size. Only this technical reservation room made the visit worthwhile!

The Larco Museum and the collection of erotic artDescending to the gardens, next to the restaurant, you will have access to another very curious room in the Larco Museum. The collection of erotic ceramics is the largest in the world. In the plays, scenes of eroticism represented in the most diverse ways. Unusual, somewhat disturbing, with unique certainty. You will found it incredible how a subject that is treated so modestly in the twenty-first century was taken so naturally by so ancient civilizations. The Lima Art Museum – MALI was impressive for its architecture and for the vast tour of the history of art in the country. The Larco Museum will  took you several years before the Incas inhabited those lands. Walking through the many rooms of the Larco Museum is not tiring. Each one has a new appeal, and they are so different from each other that the visitors keep themselves constantly involved by the rich history told by the permanent exhibition. The exhibition of erotic art was one of the most unusual and interesting things seen in Lima. So don´t miss the Larco Museum, is more than recommended for anyone visiting Lima.



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