Arequipa Day Tours

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At Inkan Milky Way, we’ve come up with some exciting guided tours that involve adventurous activitiesa comfortable stay, efficient transportation, and lots of memories to take back home from Arequipa. Our guided tours and day trips in Arequipa are top-rated as thousands of people recommend us because of our quality at reasonable prices.

The city of Arequipa is a pearl in the Andes of South America for its millenary history, which is why this city is part of UNESCO, it has outstanding historical sites and also fascinating places to enjoy the local cuisine of Arequipa.

In our excursions, we focus on the history and the living culture of this majestic city, customarily known as the “White City, “because of the construction in which mainly Sillar stone was used. Sillar is a variety of white volcanic rock. What are you waiting for? It is time to unveil the secrets of Arequipa! Choose our activities, and whatever your choice, you will never be wrong.