Bicycle rental in Cusco

We are your best option for bike rental in Cusco, we rent bicycles to foreign tourists; we got bikes with single and double suspensions, with disc and hydraulic brakes, bikes for mountains, single tracks, dirt road and paved road.

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The prices shown in the table are per person in US dollars ($).

Basic for the city$251 day
Mountain pro/hydraulic brakes$351 day
Downhill hard/hydraulic brakes$551 day
For racing$601 day
Double suspension$851 day


How do I book?

  • Contact us on WhatsApp at the numbers below.
  • Bring your identity document.
  • Pick your pick at our office.
  • When you pick up your bike you will leave an identity document.
  • Check your bike well before taking it.




  • The maximum weight allowed per person is 90 kg.
  • People with:
    • Recent fractures
    • With spinal problems
    • Pregnancy

Damage to the bicycle:

  • All our bicycles are of good quality and are constantly maintained.
  • Before taking the bike, check it well.
  • Any damage to the bicycle will be paid for by the customer.
  • No matter what maneuver you have done, any damage to the bike will be fully paid by you.


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No hidden fees or surcharges

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