Alquiler de bicicletas en Cusco

Bicycle rental in Cusco

Rent an awesome bike in Cuzco

We are your best option for bike rental in Cusco, we rent bicycles to foreign tourists, visitors from other regions in Peru and local people; we got bikes with single and double suspension, cleat brakes and disc brakes, bikes for mountains, single tracks, dirt road and paved road (in the city); we do daily mechanical checks on all bikes.

What places can you visit by Bicycle in Cusco?

  1. Cusco city: Main square, lookout point of Santa Ana, lookout point of San Cristóbal, San Blas neighbourhood, el Sol avenue, Plaza San Francisco, Plaza Tupac Amaru, the Main square of San Sebastián and San Jerónimo district, etc.
  2. Park of the Ents and Groots in Huasao district.
  3. White Christ, Temple of Qenqo, Temple of the Moon, Temple of the Monkeys and the entire archaeological park of Saqsayhuaman.
  4. The archaeological site of Tambomachay and Puca Pucara.
  5. Yuncaypata Valley (in this place you can visit the archaeological sites of Hatun Plaza and Inkilltambo).
  6. Devil’s balcony, the indigenous community of Fortaleza and Salkantay
  7. Abode of the Gods, the last colonial aqueduct-bridge Fortaleza, Piuray lake, Huaypo lake and the Pampas of Chinchero.
  8. Archaeological Site of Moray, the town of Maras and the Salt mines of Maras.
  9. The Farallones (cliffs) and waterfalls of Tecsecocha in Corca district and the ORIGINAL Inca trail to Antisuyo (the west region).
  10. Poc Poc waterfalls in Chinchero district.


  • Bike characteristics:
    • Mountain bikes for Cusco city and nearby spots:
      • Recommended for paved road and dirt road in Cusco city nearby places
      • 7 speeds
      • Front suspension fork
      • Disc brakes
      • Wheel Size: 26 y 27.5 inches
    • Mountain bikes for downhill:
      • Recommended for full-downhill on single tracks
      • Hard-charging downhill performance
      • 7 speeds
      • Strong front suspension fork
      • Big bicycle rudder
      • Resistant bicycle frame
      • Disc brakes
      • Wheel Size: 26 y 27.5 inches
  • Schedules to rent
    • 24 hours a day on Whatsapp
    • You can also visit us at our office from 10am to 8pm (prior arrangement)
    • If you want a bike for a weekend, rent it beforehand
  • How to rent our bikes?
    • Contact us on WhatsApp: +51 984479073
    • If you are a foreigner and don’t have WhatsApp, contact us via this website
    • For renting a bike, you will need:
      • Bring your original identity document (passport) or drivers license which will remain with us as a pledge or guarantee — if required
      • If you are a local, additionally you should bring a water or electricity bill
  • Included
    • Delivery of bicycles to your location (hotel, Airbnb, house, etc.) | The bike delivery will also depend on your location
    • Bike delivery can take anywhere from 15 to 40 minutes, depending on your location
  • WhatsApp


    • For full-day (7am a 5pm):
      • Mountain bikes for Cusco city and nearby spots: From 20 USD
      • Mountain bikes for downhill: From 50 USD


    • The bikes are delivered in good mechanical condition
    • Any damage to the bike will be paid for by the person who rents the bike
    • The maximum allowed weight of the renter is 95 kg.

Pick up point

Pick up your bike at our office — send us an email, please!


Does not apply.


You can cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance; otherwise, a fee of 100% of the cost of the tour will apply


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