The 5 Top museums of Cusco

Cusco is a city where a lot of historical events happened therefore it is considered the historical capital of Peru and it has a lot of museums that keep both

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The Top 5 Viewpoints of Cusco

Discover the best viewpoints of the city of Cusco from where you can see neighborhoods, streets, squares, rivers, the historic center and the republican part of this magical city. Contents1.

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Top 40 things to do in Cusco

Cusco is a mysterious but pretty city, it’s considered the number one tourist destinations in the world and also the most cosmopolitan city in America; in this article we are

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Top 7 Museums in Lima, Peru

Lima is home to a large number of museums that explore all aspects of Peruvian culture. For example The Larco Museum displays an extensive archaeological collection from ancient civilizations mainly

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10 Free Places in Lima

Not everything has to be paid, check below the 10 Free places in Lima, below each spot you will see details of the operation days and address. Contents1. FREE tour

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