5 museums to visit in Lima, Don’t miss When !!

Hello dear readers, today I will write about the best 5 museums of Lima, that you can’t miss when in Lima Peru. Read more to know about.

National Museum of Archeology, Anthropology and History of Peru.:

In addition to being the largest and oldest in Peru, the MNAAHP is the most important museum of all those that exist in the country, due to its extensive and valuable cultural heritage that houses some 300,000 pieces of the Inca culture at different times of art. prehispanic, republican and colonial. Each room is so unique and special that it would take enough time to know each of the pieces and wonders that are stored there, starting the tour in the room Origins to the Republic room. Among ceramics, metals, textiles and lithics that shows the legacy of the pre-Hispanic past, you will find that each piece has very special processing and treatment techniques that are even practiced today by several communities. This museum is therefore one of the must-see places in your journey through the capital of Lima, where you can not only find history but also surprise you with this great cultural space that you will have the fortune to appreciate and explore.

Gold Museum:
One of the most important museums in the city, founded by Miguel Mujica Gallo, houses important pieces that he collected in his travels around the world. The collection of pieces in gold, fabrics and weapons dating from the 8th century, pre-Inca period are characterized by their level of detail in the techniques of goldsmithing used by the Incas. Narigueras, bracelets, cut stone flaps, filigree, figures of monkeys, birds, men and felines, as well as impressive masks that were used in celebrations and rituals that lacked commercial value at that time, can be seen in the Gold Museum of Lime.
Museum of the Nation. This museum contains pieces belonging to the different eras of the history of Peru. There are traveling exhibitions throughout the year and there are four main circuits: prehispanic, popular art of Peru, the children’s room of Peru and finally the treasure room. More than 15,500 pieces make up this collection of pre-Hispanic art, where ceramics, metals and textiles from cultures such as Moche, Paracas, Wari and others stand out; besides the pieces of colonial, contemporary and popular art.

Larco Museum:
Located at Av. Bolívar 1515 Pueblo Libre, you can easily reach from Miraflores, San Isidro or the Jorge Chávez International Airport in the sun 15 minutes from there. The museum has not only fixed and temporary face-to-face exhibitions but also a virtual museum where you can see some of the most important works recovered in archaeological excavations from different regions of the country. 9 rooms make up this great museum, among which the Gallery of Cultures stands out, where objects of ceramics, wood and stone are displayed chronologically and by regions of ancient Peru, covering more than 5,000 years of history. The Room of Textures shows fibers in cotton, alpacas and vicuñas of great importance in the raw material of the indigenous communities that inhabited the territory and whose value was as important as that of gold and silver. You will also find the Ceremonial Sacrifice Hall that collects different objects used in human sacrificial practices, common not only in the Inca culture but also in other ancient ones around the world. Life was offered as a gift to the gods to appease their anger, becoming sacred souls and transformed into the hereafter. One of the most fascinating things about this museum is that each month a piece of the entire collection stands out so that visitors can learn more about its origins, history and importance. Thus, each object is unique and hides impressive stories that show the value of the Inca culture

Museum of Art of Lima:
The Museum of Art of Lima (MALI) is located in the Palace of the Exposition, one of the most emblematic buildings of the capital of Lima, built under an eclectic, neo-Renaissance architecture that makes it a great work of art. The permanent collection of the museum offers works of pre-Columbian art up to the current period, also featuring several rooms among which stand out the silver room, colonial art room, photography room and the contemporary art room, among others. More than 1,200 pieces (from pre-Columbian times to mid-twentieth century) make up the museum’s collections, covering 3,000 years of Peruvian art history.