When in Lima,Don’t Miss the Caral Archaeological Site.

Hello bloggers, today let us talk about the Caral ,that is an archaeological site in Lima, where the remains of the main city of the Caral civilization are found. Read

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Reasons why to visit Lima, the capital of Peru — What makes Lima unique

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The Magic Water Circuit in Lima (Parque de la Reserva)

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the magic circuit of the waters in Lima, which is located in the Reserve Park. Marvel at an unforgettable spectacle that

Larco Museum Lima Peru — A premium collection by Rafael Larco Hoyle

Explore the largest exhibition of archaeology in Peru, visit the Larco Museum, the gallery contains hundreds of ceramic, textile and jewellery remains collected, the museum was founded in July 1926

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Cusco Tourist Places | Upon arrival in Cuzco you will find many Cusco Tourist Places, some are in the historic center, others are in the sacred valley. Below we mention

Tourist Attractions in Lima Peru | Premium Tourist Sites in Lima 3

Tourist Attractions in Lima Peru | Visit the premium attraction list selected by InkanMilkyWay, note that some of the tourist sites are not necessarily located in the historic center of

Reasons why to visit Lima, the capital of Peru – 2

Hello bloggers, today In the blog, we will talk about some places in Lima. Lima is one of the most visited cities in Latin America. The City of Kings, known

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Things to do in Miraflores Peru | The best district of Peru | Almost all visitors to the capital city of Peru, first arrive at Jorge Chavez airport and then