Colca Canyon one of the deepest in the world. Know more about !!

Hello bloggers today, we are going to talk about the Colca Canyon in Arequipa in Peru, which is one of the most visited destinations in Peru. Read more in the blog. Fisto you must to go to Arequipa city then get to the bus terminal in the city of Arequipa in Peru; from there you go to the town of Chivay. The Colca Canyon it is cataloged as the deepest canyon in America, it reaches 4,161 meters at its peak. It has its right bank of the Cordillera del Chila, La Bomboya, Serpregrina, Misti, and on the orther side have the, Hualca Hualca, Sabancaya and Ampato.

By far way, you can see the volcano Ubinas and the beautiful Coropuna the viewpoint of the Cross-of the Condor from where you can enjoy the canyon in its entire splendor. In addition, it is a strategic point to observe the design of the emblematic condor, a large bird of a thousand years, which crosses the air taking advantage of the ascending thermal currents. From the district of Cabanaconde it is possible to start hiking in the interior of the Colca Canyon which is located in Peru.

The road is very beautiful, when you are there, when visiting the Colca Canyon in Peru, also the sunrise next to the cliff where you can observe the flight of the condor. The Colca Canyon is one of the most impressive and deepest in the world, it has multiple attractions that go beyond the purely geographical. Arequipa One of the most important and visited tourist attractions in Peru. The Colca Canyon, located in the valley of the same name in Arequipa, this place is also known as “El Valle del Fuego” and “El Reino del Cóndor”. The imposing landscape and mysticism here also make it one of the main attractions of the country.

It is deepest of the world, reaching about 4155 meters deep, consider the Colca Canyon in Peru. In addition, travelers can find thermal baths and go to the magic viewpoint of Cruz del Cóndor (Cross of Condor), where you can see these birds in flight. Tourists can go trekking, rafting, cycling, mountaineering and sport fishing and, as we mentioned, condor, the largest bird on the planet and currently in danger of extinction. The Colca Valley is one of the largest tourist destinations in Peru, and the first thing is to get to Arequipa, the nearest town, since from there the tours and buses depart for the Colca Valley.

Other important attractions you could see there:

The Church of the Immaculate Conception:, was rebuilt at the end of the 17th century. It has nave with plant of Latin cross, chapels annexes that form the arms of transepto, sacristy and against sacristy. It has two towers of a bell tower each, straight buttresses that consolidate the high lateral walls and a shelter arch in poles that protect the lateral cover.

The Church of Santa Ana:, was built in 1760, Romanesque style with strong mestizo influence. It is located along the main square of Maca. It is surrounded by a wall of sillar, which has decorative elements in the form of large flowerpots. Its plant is of Latin cross form and they emphasize in its interior the altar with bread of gold and cloths of linen cuzqueños.

Archaeological Complex of Uyo Uyo:, the citadel of the Collagua culture has compartments for ceremonial use and houses. The especially spherical fieldstone of different colors was used for its construction. It has a magnificent landscape and ecological composition, ideal for hiking.
Sibayo District:, is the Cradle of the emblematic Rumillaqta (Pueblo de Piedra) neighborhood. Its stone and clay buildings with thatched roofs characterize it. Its streets have the same layout since its foundation in Cologne (1776).

The colonial church of San Juan Bautist:, restored in the mid-eighteenth century. It has an atrium of great extension, which fulfilled the function of the atrium of the cemetery, and allowed the development of the funeral rites of Collaguas. Built in stonework, it has a Latin Cross plan.

The Hot springs of Clavera: ,after an unforgettable walk through the Colca Canyon, the thermal baths of La Calera have the perfect temperature to restore the energy. Its waters come from the Cotallumi volcano. They have an initial temperature that goes from 80 ° C to 85 ° C but in their journey decreases and reaches the complex with a temperature of 38 ° C. They contain minerals beneficial for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism and skin. The waters contain 30% calcium, 19% zinc and 18% iron.


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