Dont miss the amazing Kuelap, when in Peru, South America !!

Hello dear readers of our blog in english language, today we are going to talk about the archaeological site Kuelap in Peru, without doubt a place, that you can not miss, when in Peru. Read more in our blog.

Kuélap is an important pre-Inca archaeological site located in the northeastern Andes of Peru, in the province of Luya, was built by the Chachapoya culture. It is formed by an architectural group of large stone characterizing its monumental condition and a large artificial platform, oriented from the south to the north that sits on the limestone crest of the ridge of Cerro Barreta 3,500 meters above the sea. LIMA the platform extends for about 650 meters and has as perimeter a wall that in some points reaches 20 meters in height. It is estimated that its construction began in the eleventh century, coinciding with the flowering period of the Chachapoya Culture and its occupation ended in the mid-sixteenth century. – LIMA

its colossal walls and its complex interior architecture are evidence of its function as a well-organized housing complex, with administrative, religious, ceremonial and residential areas. – LIMA

At the top of the northeast of the Andean Amazon of Peru, is located the imposing Kuélap Archaeological Complex, belonging to the pre-Inca culture of Chachapoyas. From above, the green landscape shows that nature has privileged this place, dressed in impressive flora and fauna, offering an adventure trip very close to the sky. LIMA

This mountainous jungle located in the Amazon, served as a defense against some ethnic rebels due to its location and structure. Its mountains, surrounded by dense vegetation, show by far a large stonewall 20 meters high that protects the city. LIMA

This fortress has only three lace, all in the form of narrow, walled streets. It is believed that the word Kuelap comes from the deformation of the word “Cónap”, the name of a village that lived in the region. The fortress houses 506 houses, many of them circular, while outside there will be 421 circular stone houses with diamond-shaped friezes and zigzags. LIMA

The tower: Built on the second level, very close to the northern zone of the Architectural Complex, this structure, which measures approximately seven meters in height, is considered the largest building in Kuélap. It is believed to have fulfilled the defense function by having a spectacular panoramic view of the area, taking care of possible attacks from adjacent cities.

The Inkwell: Its characteristic inverted cone shape makes it a ritual construction that served as an astronomical observatory. Its building has a height of 5.5 meters and 13.7 of diameter. The internal distribution of this structure shows a camera in the form of a bottle that, according to researchers, shows that it served as a chulpa or mausoleum. CUSCO

The castle: Its designed rectangular shape, with three overlapping platforms, makes a distinct and important building within Kuelap. It is believed to have been the home of a hierarch (high grade within the church) and senior officials of the area.



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