Huaca Pucllana — Where is it and how to get there?

Huaca Pucllana | ¿Dónde queda y Cómo Llegar?

Huaca Pucllana , a jewel in Miraflores Lima | If you are wondering about what this place was?, How to get to Huaca Puccllana?, How much are the entrance fees? below we go all the answers and don’t worry about the money, the fees are cheap and you can do it on your own!

What was Huaca Pucllana in the early Colombian era?

It was an Administrative and Ceremonial Center of the Lima Culture, during 200 to 700 AD. The complex was built by mainly using Adobe bricks, after Lima culture, the Wari culture took over this temple until about 1100 AD.

When the Wari culture collapsed, the Ychsma kingdom took over this shrine until 1470 when finally when the Inca empire expanded under the reign of Pachaquteq, the 9th emperor. The Ychsma culture inhabited mainly the Rimac river valley so therefore the Inca people also took over the whole valley, not just the temple.

The main economic activity of the inhabitants who lived around Pucllana temple and almost the whole peruvian coast was agriculture and fishing. The main crops grown were Maíz, beans, pallar(big white beans) and fruits like chirimoya, lucuma, guayaba and pacae beans. Furthermore, these ancient societies would domesticate animals like ducks, alpacas and llamas, guinea pigs and more.

What can you see in Huaca Pucllana?

Huaca Pucllana today has maintained archaeological remains from different periods of its evolution since the year 200 AD.

The most outstanding place is the pyramid built on top of the hill using mainly adobes bricks. The building does not have any interior rooms, so it is a solid pyramid.

You will also see ceremonial patios, where many excavations took place, you will also see a template where you can have a better understanding of this site.

What is the price to access this archaeological site?

The entry price is about 6 USD per person, we mention the price in American Dollars so that all readers can understand but we recommend you to take a local currency (Sol Peruano) please.

What are the opening hours? is there a night schedule?

Wednesday through Monday from 9 am until 5 pm, then it re-opens at 7 pm until 10 pm | The museum does not operate on Jan 1st, May 1st, July 28th, and December 25th.

How can I get to this place?

The exact address is Calle General Borgoño block 8, Miraflores district – Lima

If you are in the Miraflores district, you can walk, otherwise, we recommend taking a taxi. The average price to pay the taxi driver is 20 soles (from Barranco, from Lima downtown or from San Isidro), please negotiate the price before getting on the taxi.

Is an organized tour required to visit this place?

It depends a lot on your expectations, you can do it on your own, just confirm the museum is open 100% (please call this number to confirm: 01-6177148), we know that it will be open on the schedules mentioned above however sometimes there are strikes or festivities that can affect the normal operation of the museum.

Once you confirm the operation of the museum, get to the archaeological site and pay the entrance fee in Soles peruanos.

If you want a tour Guide for Huaca Pucllana, don´t hesitate to contact us!

Is there an alternative tour to Huaca Pucllana?

Of course there is!, you can do a Free Tour of Lima in the historic center of Lima, if you are in Miraflores our InkanMilkyWay Guides can pick you up for free, for more details and booking of this type of tours based on donations visit this link and see the comments below. You can also see our testimonials on tripadvisor for free tours!

Treat yourself at Huaca Pucllana Restaurant

After a cultural and historical tour, try the best Peruvian food, if the prices this restaurant seems to be expensive to you, check our list of nearby places at the bottom of this page.

Huaca Pucllana | ¿Dónde queda y Cómo Llegar?
Huaca Pucllana – Restaurant

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