South Valley Tour Cusco Full Day Tour

Archaeology and Churches

Excursion or Tour to the South Valley Cusco | In this super educational tour about pre-Inca, Inca and Colonial history of Peru you will learn about many attractions that are worth visiting, for example:

Tipon is an archaeological complex where you can learn that the Inca people weren´t only good in architecture but also in other sectors such as agriculture; therefore they were able to build the best irrigation systems for their farming grounds, they were able to bring water from miles away by building the best aqueduct systems.

Pikillaqta is a pre-Inca city, we are sure you heard about the Inca empire but how about the pre-Inca civilizations such as the Wari empire?, The Inca civilization would be nothing without the Pre-Inca nations, just like the Romans without the Greeks. Take a trip to the southern valley and learn more about the Waris.

Andahuylillas is a very picturesque city from the colonial period, where the most extravagant church of the American continent was built, colloquially known by locals as «The Sistine Chapel of America»


  • Tour Schedules
    • Group Tour: Every day at about 8:30am
    • Private Tour: Every day on request, we recommend a 7am starting time
    • We do not operate on the 1st of January
  • Language
    • Group Tour: Bilingual (Spanish & English)
    • Private Tour: One language (Spanish, English), you choose the language, if you prefer another language, let us know your preference!
  • Duration
    • About 6 hours
  • How to recognize our Official Tour Guides?
    • Once you book with us, you will be given all of the details
  • Tour Type
    • Group tour or 100% Private tour, you choose your cup of tea, the tour is focused on history, designed exclusively for adults
    • If you have kids, we recommend you to reserve a private tour for the sacred valley
  • Transportation
    • By bus
  • Accessibility
    • This tour is not suitable for people with reduced mobility
  • Tour Ending Place
    • Group Tour: Next to the Plaza de Armas
    • Private Tour: We can finish anywhere in the historical center such as the Plaza de Armas or drop you off at your hotel or Airbnb
  • How to make reservations?
    • Please contact us via this page. We will give you a quote, and once we agree, you will receive a custom offer with the price
    • If you are browsing with a cell phone, click on the Book Now button on the Menu or Scroll down
  • Please Bring
    • Sweaters or jackets, raincoat, non-slip walking shoes, caps or hats, sunglasses, water, and local currency for the entrance tickets(Tourist Ticket)
  • Interior Visit
    • This tour includes visiting the mentioned attractions from the interior
  • Included
    • Group Tour:
      • Bus pick-up from your hotel as long as you stay in the historic center
      • 100% authorized guides and an excellent narrative of history
      • Tourist bus with air-conditioning
    • Private Tour:
      • Bus and tour guide pick-up from your hotel, Airbnb, or anywhere in Cusco city
      • 100% authorized guides and an excellent narrative of history
      • 100% private tourist bus with air-conditioning
  • Not Included

    • This excursion does not include the Tourist Ticket of Cusco, which you must pay for in cash – local currency – at the archaeological sites. There are two different types of ticket, depending on how many monuments you would like to visit:
      • Full ticket: 130 Soles per person about 38 USD
      • Partial ticket: 70 Soles per person about 21 USD
    • Additionally you will need a ticket for Andahualillas, the cost is 15 Soles about 5 USD, they only accept local currency in cash
    • Meal
    • Tips
    • *Kids and minors may have discounts on the entrance fees
    • *You can buy the tickets the same day of your tour
    • *The Tourist Ticket or Boleto Turístico will let you access to the Inca Ruins, you can buy the ticket the same day as your tour | If you have kids over 10 years old, they will be require to pay for the ticket, please learn more at Wha is Tourist Ticket of Cusco?
    • *Bring local currency for the Tourist Ticket
  • Frequently Asked Questions?
    • I use a wheelchair; can I take this tour?
    • Will my kids love this tour?
    • Find all answers FAQs here
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  • Group Tour:
    • 18 USD per person
  • Private Tour:
    • 90 USD per person based on 2 people
    • 80 USD per person based on 3 people
    • 70 USD per person based on 4 people
    • 60 USD per person based on 5 people

Price for Kids:

    • Children under 4 years go on the tour for free
    • If you have children between 5 years old and 10 years old, they must pay for the price of the tour to ensure that they have a seat on the bus
    • We have different prices for children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old
    • Kids older than 11 and teenagers pay the regular rate
    • Don´t get confused between the tour-price and the entrance ticket prices for the attractions. The cost of the entrance tickets for the attractions is bought and paid for by you. The fee for this tour does not include the cost of tickets for the attractions


    • If you travel alone, with your family or in a group of 3 or more people, let us know, we have great discounts

Meeting Point

    • Group Tour: We include bus pick-up from your hotel (applies only if your hotel is located in the historic center), otherwise come to the Rejocijo square, let us know your preference via e-mail
    • Private Tour: We include bus and tour guide pick-up from your hotel, Airbnb, or any location in Cusco city or otherwise, you can also come to Rejocijo square. Let us know your preference via e-mail
If you wish we can meet in Regocijo square


Consider that the route may change because of strikes and festivities; However, we will do our best to follow the itinerary

  1. Group Tour: South Valley Tour Cusco | up to 30 people

    • Pick-up at your hotel at about 8:30am – if applicable
    • Cusco to Tipon by bus; We will ride to the South of Cusco for about 1 hour, our first stop will be Tipon
    • Tipon is an archaeological complex that belongs to the Inca period, it is located at 3,560 m a.s.l, and in this place, you can see the best hydraulic systems for irrigation.
    • Tipon to Pikillaqta by bus; after 1h30 minutes we will arrive at our second stop known as Pikillaqta.
    • Pikillaqta is another archaeological site located 3,200 m a.s.l; However, this pre-Hispanic jewel belonged to the pre-Inca period – 700 AD; The previous civilization that inhabited this valley is known as the Wari Empire, who built the Pikillaqta city, many centuries before the Inca empire existed.
    • Pikillaqta to Andahuylillas by bus; Andahuaylillas is a colonial city located at 3,122 m a.s.l, in this city there is a church that bears the same name of the city, but it is known popularly as the Sistine Chapel of America, for its baroque style extravagance; Inside the church, you can see the most beautiful samples of Colonial Art is exhibited, with golden altars, murals, paintings and polychrome ceilings.
    • Andahuylillas to Cusco by bus, we will be back in Cusco at 2pm approx.
    • We will end the tour next to the Plaza de Armas by at about 6:30pm
  2. Private Tour: South Valley Tour Cusco | 100% Private

    • Pick-up at your hotel at the requested time, we recommend 7am
    • Cusco to Tipon by bus, about 1 hour until we arrive at the first attraction
    • You will visit all the attractions mentioned on the group tour, it is the same or similar itinerary!
    • Andahuylillas to Cusco by bus, we will be back in Cusco at 1pm approx.
    • We will begin this tour next to the Plaza de Armas, your favorite restaurant, your hotel, or the Airbnb location you choose!
    • *Note: In a private tour you can have more control on your time, it will be a tailored tour for you and your friends without strangers!


You can cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, a fee of 50% of the cost of the tour will apply


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