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Discover the secrets of Lima history by joining our free walking tour Lima in English, guided by 100% licensed, expert, and local Tour Guides, we will walk through the entire historic center of the old capital of the viceroyalty of Peru. The city of Lima is also known as the “City of the Kings” or the gastronomic capital of South America — book your free tour today and discover much more about this unmissable city.

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Operation of this tour:
Book now! — we are operating all free tours in Lima in English and Spanish from Monday to Saturday (No Sundays), July 28 and January 1. We accept last-minute reservations, we have rooms. If you book your free tour beforehand, that is even much better. We have morning and afternoon meet-up times.


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Meeting points
  • Please, read the Meeting  Point Tab so there are no misunderstandings at all.
  • Please, read the Details Tab so you see the terms of the itinerary.
Jiron de la Union street

The most famous colonial and republican street in Lima.

Bernardo O’Higgins house — exterior visit
Eugene Courret’s photographic studio — exterior visit

The first studio of photography in Peru.

Post and Telegraph building — exterior visit
Osambela house (optional) — exterior visit
Santo Domingo Church — interior visit

Interior visit of the main nave.

Plaza de Armas
  • The Presidential Palace — exterior visit
  • The Cathedral — exterior visit
  • City Hall Palace — exterior visit
  • The water fountain of the colonial period — kilometer zero
Changing of the Guard — optional
  • Event time: About 12 noon (not always)
  • It doesn’t always happen due to the political instability
  • We will do our best to stop by
  • We don’t warranty that you will see it
  • There is no changing of guard in the afternoon, then book the morning free tour
Cordano bar — optional

The oldest and most traditional bar founded on January 13, 1905.

House of Peruvian Literature — interior visit

Old train station.

Pisco tasting — optional

Quick tasting of Peru’s national drink.

Colonial city wall Park
Church of San Francisco — exterior visit
Tour ending place
  • This tour ends next to the Plaza de Armas de Lima in the historic center.
    • If you book the free tour for the morning schedule, your tour ends at 1:15pm approx.
    • If you book the free tour for the afternoon schedule, your tour ends at 5pm approx.
  • The tour does not end in Miraflores.
  • If you wish to return to Miraflores or Barranco but you’re not sure how, just ask your guide for assistance.

Schedule and Language

10:00EnglishFrom Monday to Saturday3.5 h
11:00EnglishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
15:00EnglishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
10:00SpanishFrom Monday to Saturday3.5 h
11:00SpanishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
15:00SpanishFrom Monday to Saturday2.5 h
We don’t operate on Sundays, July 28, December 25 and January 1. The tour duration is approx.

Meeting Points

ScheduleMeeting Points
10:00Pasaje Porta 132, outside the Oechsle mall in Miraflores. This is an Optional Meeting Point, You Must See Faq’s below before coming to this place
11:00Outside La Merced church on the Jirón de La Unión street in the historic center
15:00Outside La Merced church on the Jirón de La Unión street in the historic center
Don’t get confused with other locations.


Are the free tours of Lima different?

No, what varies is the meeting time and meeting points. Three schedules per day and two meeting points.

Why should I go to the 10:00 pick up point in Miraflores?

You can only come to the pick-up point in Miraflores if:

  • You are extremely close on foot to Pasaje Porta 132
  • You want to save money on transportation
  • You want to travel like a local
  • You don’t mind queuing up to get on the buses
  • * Consider that you can also book a private tour or simply go to our meeting points in the city center

Why should I NOT go to the pick up point at 10:00 in Miraflores?

Don’t come at 10:00 pick up point if:

  • You are not close on foot to our pick up point in Miraflores
  • You don’t like queuing the local bus system
  • You don’t like standing up to get on the buses
  • You don’t like crowded buses
  • * Consider that you can also book a private tour or simply go to our meeting points in the city center

If I leave from Miraflores at 10:00, will I visit Miraflores?

No, the Miraflores pick-up point is for collecting tourists only, we don’t do tour in Miraflores, so you won’t miss anything if you go directly to the 11:00 or 15:00 meeting point.

Do I get picked up in Miraflores for 15:00 Lima free tour?

No, come on your own in front of La Merced Church.

How long does the transfer from Miraflores to the historic center of Lima take?

After gathering the tourists, we walk a few blocks to get to the bus station, then wait for the buses for 15 to 25 minutes approx, we arrive in the historic center of Lima at 11:00 approx. The bus ride is fast but most buses are full.

I am staying in Barranco, which meeting point should I go?

Come in front of La Merced Church at 11:00 or 15:00.

I’m not sure, which meeting point should I go?

Come in front of La Merced Church at 11:00 or 15:00.

I am a cruise ship passenger, which meeting point should I go?

Come in front of La Merced Church at 11:00 or 15:00.

I’m at Lima airport, which meeting point should I go?

Come in front of La Merced Church at 11:00 or 15:00.

How do I get from Miraflores or Barranco to the historic center of Lima On My Own?

What if I’m late?

  • Lima is a super big city, the traffic is terrible, keep in mind, please
  • Contact your Guide on WhatsApp, inform him that you will be late and ask for his Google Map in real time location
  • We don’t guarantee that your Guide will reply you because he is already guiding
  • We don’t guarantee that your Guide will wait for you at the meeting point because there are tourists who come super early and we cannot keep them waiting
  • For all free tour schedules we normally wait about 10 minutes
  • If you booked the 10:00 Lima free tour and you will arrive late, please go directly to our 11:00 or 15:00 meeting point, take Uber.
  • If you are lost, your Guide won’t come looking for you


It’s a free tour, 100% free to book — once the tour is done, leave an awesome donation.

More Details


Operability and itinerary

  • The itinerary of our free tour is subject to variation without prior notice, due to weather conditions, strikes, the guide’s decision and any other event that does not allow the normal operation of the tour.
  • Our Guides always do their best to make the itinrary very interesting.


  • We always wait about 10 minutes after the meet-up time because there are tourists who arrive late.
  • Do always arrive on time at the meeting place.
  • If you arrive late, neither your Guide nor the company will pick you up, you can normally call you Guide on WhatsApp but we don’t assure you that he will answer you, keep in mind that your Guide is guiding.


  • About 15 walkers per group; however, sometimes there may be much less walkers or much more.
  • Many walkers book and don’t show up, or they don’t book but show up, we can never ensure an exact number of walkers.
  • We require a minimum of two walkers to run the walk, which we have to 99%, if there is only one walker, we will reschedule you.
  • Kids: You can bring them to the free tour; however, sometimes kids get bored quickly, even though the Guides do their best. Remember that you can also book a private walking tour.


Our Guides are authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Tourism. Jorge Cueva (Guide ID: 3815), Percy Huacha (Guide ID: 4517), Valeria Córdoba (Guide ID: 1457) and Liliana Chafloque (Guide ID: 7849).

Type: Group tours — no private walks.

Size: 15 walkers approx.

Accessibility: Not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

Included: Professional and licensed Guide.

No Included:

  • Tips
  • Personalized service

What do I bring?

  • If your free tour leaves at 10:00 from Miraflores
    • Bring 3.20 Soles pp for the metro-bus ticket
    • * Bring the exact amount of money, we don’t have coins to give you the change
  • Sweaters
  • Good walking shoes
  • Caps or hats
  • Sunglasses

How do I book?

  • Fill out the form
  • Put your data correctly
  • Ready!
  • * Groups of larger than 10 walkers, contact us first
  • * No tour agencies are allowed to book


Cancellation: Reply the confirmation e-mail we sent you and cancel.


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