Most frequent questions and answers

Everyone is welcome to our free tour as long as:

  • You are responsive to history!
  • You have the Tipping culture!
  • You are keen to walk!
  • You have 3 hours available time!
  • You are keen to join a group tour!

However, if you have Kids We Do Not Take Responsibility for the kid’s Experience since most kids get bored about the tour guide´s explanation because our free tours are NOT designed for kids, pls book a private tour unless you are ok with our terms.

If you use a wheelchair you are Not allowed because most streets in Peru are Not designed for wheelchair Users, pls book a private tour.


Meeting Point for all free tours is at Regocijo Plazoleta (Kusipata) in front of CHICHA Restaurant.

Look for The Inkan Milky Way Logo on the Yellow Vests. Don´t get confused.


We have three free tour Lima meet up times and two meeting places for the same outing! Please read each one of them, so you do not get lost!

Times & Meeting Places: 

Mon thru Sat Only | You MUST click here for Sunday free tour in Lima.

  • 10 am Meeting Place(Pickup): Meet us in Calle Schell N° 178 outside Oechsle Mall. You can only join us here if you are very close to Calle Schell or Kennedy park. (max 10min away by foot). Please bring 2.50 soles pp for a local bus ticket. Seriously a Bus? Yes, we do not tour in Miraflores, this is only a pickup place. | If you are not close to this spot or you don´t like to travel via a crowded local bus, go on your own to the 11 am or 3 pm Meeting Place (starting point).
  • 11 am Meeting Place: Join us in front of La Merced Church on the Jirón de La Union Street (Lima center) | This is where the tour starts!
  • 3 pm Meeting Place: For our Lima Free Walking Tour in the afternoon, you must also come to La Merced Church from all over Lima! We do not pick up anyone from Miraflores.
  • If you stay in Barranco: Then click here.
  • If you are cruising in Callao Port, please go to La Merced Church at 11 am or 3 pm.
  • If you do not know where to go, please come to La Merced Church.

Look for The Inkan Milky Way Logo. Don´t get confused with people wearing fake yellow vests who shamelessly copied our color, so just look for our Logo.

Note: If you stay in Miraflores but you want to meet us in downtown Lima, go ahead¡ but make sure to take enough time to get to Lima center, From Miraflores to La Merced Church or Lima Center takes 1HOUR minimum by taxi.


Meeting Point for all free tours is at Santa Catalina Street 204 in Chaqchao Chocolate Factory, just one block behind the Cathedral.

Look for Free Tour downtown Arequipa(all free tours are operated by this company), at the correct meeting point.

A free tour is a philosophy, don’t translate it literally, free tours are happening all over the world and they are NOT free otherwise just check any other company and prove us wrong.
We kindly encourage all customers to tip properly and decently because all tour guides don’t have a fixed salary, they entirely depend on your contributions.
Free tour Tip in NYC is 20 USD per person
Free Tour Tip in Barcelona is 15 to 20 euros per person
Free Tour Tip in Budapest is 15 euros per person
Free Tour in Santiago Chile is 12 UDS per person
FREE TOUR REFERENTIAL PRICE IN CUSCO is 10 USD per person (30 soles per person).

All tipping prices above can be proved correct by checking tripadvisor comments and we are people who have attended walking tours across the globe since we were also travelers therefore we had the idea of opening a walking tours in Cusco.
Before you join our company now you know how much to tip your tour guide. Tipping is volunteer BUT if you tip – tip properly, don’t give coins.
Finally, Attending our free tours are totally volunteer not obligatory, we are an exclusive company that makes focus on quality, so quality is guaranteed with us.

If you take a city tour in Cusco, tour agencies will tell you, “It is just 15 soles” (5 dollars) tha because they don’t tell that you will need entrance tickets. So this is how is goes: Tour Guide & Transportation is 15 soles, Entrance Tickets is 130 soles (Boleto Turistico), entrance to the Cathedral is 25 soles and Qoricancha is 15 soles, all together is: 185 soles(56 USD), Now you compare 56USD to 10USD, so there is no need to say, OMG it is expensive. Keep in mind that a free tour is a philosophy don’t translate it literally.
POSTDATA: a city tour price applies for a non-private tour, if private tour is at least 90 USD per person. Many Thanks for reading this, numbers never lie, you’ve got the last word.

At all-time bring a Warm Cloth, Hats, Sun Glasses, Tablets, Safety Shoes, Rain Coats or Umbrellas, Sun Block, and finally bring a Big Smile Go Pro.

Usually our walks take 2.5 to 3 hours. In Lima city they can even Take 3.5 hours.

IN CUSCO & LIMA  & AREQUIPA: We do start all tours with 5 to 10 minutes tolerance after the meeting time. If your meet up time is 10am, that means we will start at 10am sharp. we are not extending the waiting time because we do respect our customers who came earlier.

To Consider: If google maps says that you will arrive to the meeting point in 10min time by car, the reality is that you will arrive in 20 min time. Traffic car congestion in Lima is terrible. If you know you will be late contact us via WhatsApp, we don´t promise you will catch up the tour guide but we promise we will assit you.

Booking is Mandatory! If you don´t have booking and you are already at the meeting point, we will check wether we still have space, if there is space, we will tell you roughly the route, the ending point and how much is the average tip per person, if you like our tour content and the terms you can join and Please be tolerant with the group size, otherwise you won´t be accepted.


¿Why Booking is Obligatory? We had many tourists before who complained about our walk, some of them said: “I disn´t like the tour, htey brought me to a shop, the itinerary was boring, they change the route, etc” We are humans, we never pretend we can not make mistakes, we are here to learn and do a good tour bur most of the complains are because the Attendees did not read the tour content, tour ending place and the terms, therefore we only work with customers who reserve!


I have donde walks before in the world, they did not ask me for booking, Why your tour required booking? Because each company has its own way of working to enhance the tour quality and the good understanding between servers and customers and also becasue of the reasons mentioned above.

You will receive your reservation confirmation as soon as we get your message via e-mail therefore we need to have it in order to give you a reply, we will not use your e-mail address for commercial or publicity purposes you can take our word for it, we are professional people, licensed tour operators and tour guides.

We are going to do our best to stick to our itinerary, but they can be changeable on the following situations:

  • Weather conditions.
  • Demonstrations or strikes on the streets.
  • Passengers Request (need to be the majority).
  • Traditional festivities.
  • Holydays
  • Sundays


  • From Monday to Saturday at 10am – 1pm – 3:30pm in English.
  • On Sundays 10am in English.
  • De Lunes a Sábado a las 10am tenemos guiados 100% en Español.
  • Los domingos a las 10am también tenemos guiados 100% en Eespañol.
  • Ud. siempre está invitado a realizar los tours de la 1pm o 3:30pm, el guiado será en Ingles.
  • OJO: Siempre podemos darles guiados en español, pero nuestra compañía se caracteriza por la calidad de servicio de los guías y para eso ofrecemos guías profesionales, no practicantes ni falsos, o personas que pretenden ser guías.

En la ciudad del Cusco, el tour de las 10:00am Richard, Elvis, Pedro, Angela nuestros guías, siempre están prestos a guiarlos en español, salvo casos excepcionales o razones técnicas.

IMPORTANTE: El guiado en español en la ciudad del cusco, el tour de las 10:00am empieza a las 10:10 am, Gracias por su comprensión.


  • Every day at 10am & 11am in English.
  • Todos los días a las 10am & 11am en español, ya sea separado o bilingüe.


  • Every day at 10am & 3pm in English.
  • De Lunes a Sábado a las 10am & 3pm tenemos guiados 100% en Español.
  • Ud. siempre está invitado a realizar los tours cada domingo a las 10am & 3pm, el guiado será en Ingles.

English and Spanish only. Para Esañol revise bien la pagina, empezando por la ciudad y horarios. 

Groups or Families of 11 or more are more than welcome to contact us before reserving and according to our available tour guides and available spot in our free tour whether we will accept or reject your participation in our free tours. From experience we know that large groups have the tendency to NOT pay attention to the Tour Guide´s explanation which is so disrespectful for both the guide and other attendees.
However if you happen to forget to book your large group, you can always show up at the meeting point, we will take care of you, just don’t expect the best of the best, remember it is free tour, if you want the best from the best look for a private tour.

NO, our free tour service is a group service, you will join other attendees.
Even if you are 20 people, we still say no, because from experience we know that big groups of friends or mates Do Not pay attention to our Tour Guide’s explanation. Because of this reason, we advise you to take a Private tour (pre-paid) however if you want to take our free tour, you must contact us in advance so that you can join our GROUP service (Not private).

Note: If you´re in Lima, we can run private free tours depending on the group size, pls contact us or send us a WhatsApp messaget to: +51 958745640 or  +51 984479073

Yes! Please give us at least a 12-hours in advance notice, before your tour starts. By letting us know in time (at least 12 hours ahead) that you cannot make it, we can open up the extra spot to other interested guests. We do work on the honor system.

No, the tours itinerary may be changed but the show must go on! Our tours wwhether it is rainy or shiny. Dress appropriately for the conditions. If the weather is bad your guide will include as many “bad weather” indoor stops as possible. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. However, your Tour Guide in every city may cancel or postpone the tour due to extreme weather or if the passenger want it so.

Yes, they are. All our tours are suitable for everybody but if you have some kinds or teenagers we suggest you to take a private tour since most kids get bored very fast, still you are invited to participate in our free walks

05 tourists, otherwise will be cancelled, for more info go to: our policies. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about this because we usually have the minimum number of walkers required 95% of the time.

20 tourists either for English or Spanish, for more info go to: our policies.
From time to time we have large groups and one tour guide to manage the whole group, please don’t blame on your guide or the team, simply because most attendees don’t book in advance so cannot take a decision beforehand.

Yes, you can as long as you are capable to walk and stand on your feet for some minutes while your guide explains about some historical spots.

Unfortunately the answer is no, because most streets on Peru are not yet designed for Wheelchair users, this issue then is out from our hands to solve.
We kindly encourage you to take a private tour instead, make sure you have a person that can help you.