Sunday Free Tour Lima at 10am & 11am Only for all Sundays on Sept 2019

Wait! Are you planning to book  your Free Tour for any Sunday On Sep 2019? Then keep reading! We have 100% Confirmed departures for All Sundays On September 2019, These dates are the only ones available if you want to reserve your free tour on Sunday for Lima. If you come to Lima in October or any other month after September of this year 2019, we are ONLY operating from Mon to Sat.

We Repeat: 100% Confirmed Departures on Sundays for all Sundays on September 2019, no other sunday dates unless you want to reserve your free tour Lima on any day from Mon to Sat!

Details for Sunday free tour Lima for Sept only

  • When:

Only for All Sundays on Sept 2019 | No other sunday free tours are confirmed unless you want your free tour from mon to sat.

  • Times & Meeting Places:
  • 10am(pick-up): meet us in Calle Schell 178 outside Oechsle Mall, 2min away from Kennedy Park by foot in Miraflores, We´ll take the Bus to Lima city Centre(we don´t tour in Miraflores) | Join us in calle schell 178 only if you stay very close to this meeting point(10min away max by foot) Save up to 50 soles taxi fee! If you don`t like Local crowded Buses or you are not close to this meeting point , take a taxi and come to our 11am meeting point: La Merced church, this is where the tour will start(Not in Miraflores).
  • 11am: meet us in front of La Merced Church, at Jirón de La Union street, just 2 min away from Plaza Mayor Lima by foot | We strongly encourage you to join us at this meeting point from all over Lima, this is where tour will start.
  • Important: No 3pm free tour for all Sundays!
  • Duration:

3.5 hours if you leave from Miraflores  | 2.5 hours if you start in Lima center.

  • What to bring?

If you join us in Miraflores bring 2.50 soles pp for the Bus | Jumper, Hat, Sunglasses and Water

  • How to recognize your Official Tour Guide?

Look for InkanMilkyWay logo-sign at the Correct Meeting Point | Don´t get confused with fake yellow vests without our Logo.

  • Reviews:

Everyone can build websites, But not everybody can achieve great reviews, check ours at: 900+ reviews on Free Tour Lima Tripadvisor Lima | 84+ testimonials on Facebook | 70+ reviews on Google Maps for Free Walking Tour Lima | See Our Video Decide Wisely!

  • Price:

Free – Donation basis.

  • Itinerary:

La Merced Church, Jiron de La Unión, Oldest Photo studio, Main Square, Change of Guard, Saint Dominic Church, Rimac Distrcit,  House of Literature and more. This route can always change because of strikes or festivities.

  • Language:

Separate Groups in English & Spanish | choose your language, we will divide the group in Lima centre.

  • Reservation:

Click on the book now button and get instant confirmation | You can also Click on the WhatsApp numbers, booking takes just 1 min.

Keep in Mind Pls!
5 reasons to walk with us:
  • Recommended by many Testimonials!
  • No over-promising!
  • We don’t visit Bars!
  • Local Peruvian Licensed Tour Guides!
  • 100% Historical & Cultural tours!

FreeTour Lima 10am - Pick up in Calle Schell 178 outside Oechsle Mall, Mrflrs

Free Tour Lima 11am - in front of La Mercerd Church in Lima center

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