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In order to make easy for you to keep walking through the finest tour companies around the globe, we have chosen the premier ones worldwide based on their tripadvisor reviews.
Keep walking worldwide and learn about every single new city you visit through the eyes of local licensed guides.
Keep in mind that they are free to take but attendees can always tip as per how much they love the service and get the best private tour service from them as well.
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Meet Mr. Kent, a graduated cum laude from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts with a B.A. in Geography, he is traveling across the world, visit the best places he has already traveled to |
Join me here

Genuine walking tours in Stockholm- Sweden, they are totally free to take so that everyone can enjoy it | Free Tour Stockholm will show you this amazing city history. Visit them here.

Discover Madrid by taking either a free walking tour or best bespoke tours from a local perspective. We offer an open window of insight into history, culture, traditions, gastronomy and daily life.Visit us

Local, professional and laid-back tour guides who love Prague. We like to share our enthusiasm, knowledge, local perspective and our own admiration of Prague with anybody who makes it on our Free Walking Tours or Communism & Bunker Tour or even private tours.Visit us

Somos amantes de la carretera, viajamos sin una idea muy clara del destino, sin fechas establecidas… vivimos el día a día a través de una apuesta intrínseca que muchas veces nos lleva a desconocer donde pasaremos la noche, queremos compartir nuestras historias y fotografías.Visit us


Enjoy a walk as you hear the background behind the beautiful palaces, parks and monuments of Recoleta. Discover the aristocratic BA with its magnificent architecture and learn about a generation that made BA the cultural capital of South America.Visit us

Realizamos recorridos gratuitos a pie por la Ciudad Vieja de Montevideo a través del cual todo visitante podrá conocer la historia, las costumbres y las mejores recomendaciones para un viaje maravilloso en Uruguay.Visit us

Meet Joao, a tour conductor traveling across the globe, showing the best places to visit, best restaurants, premier itineraries, local people, etc.
If you are traveling alone or with some friends join Joao to a have memorable experience wherever you are going. Meet João


“Nomad Walking Tours LLC is happy to offer the first and only FREE Las Vegas Walking Tour of the world famous Las Vegas Strip,unveil our city with us, professional tour guides, visit us here”


“Enjoy a walk while you hear the background behind the old colonial town of Salta. We will visit the city highlights, including the old town hall, the cathedral and the magnificent Franciscan convent and learn about the heroes and stories of the most beautiful town in the north of Argentina, visit us here.”


“Get to know the most amazing places of Pamplona, their history and relationship with the festivals, make the best your journey in San Fermín by joining the pioneering free walking tour company, San Fermin Free Tour, Spain. Visit us here”


“To join a Free Tour Naples walking tour among the best things to do in Naples and will let you experience the real soul of this unique town!,Surprising and unexpected places, hard to be found by yourself, wait for you. just come!. visit us here.”


“This Free Walking Tour Amsterdam is brought to you by passionate, engaging, and funny local guides who are more than happy to share their local knowledge with you. And since our guides work on a tips-only basis, you decide how much the tour is worth to you!. Visit us here”

“A new way to enjoy Zagreb. It brings you the best of Croatia’s capital and enables you to design your own trip in the easiest way. Our mission is to provide young people with an active and carefree stay in our city, tailored specifically for them.!. Visit us here”

“Discover the most famous sights and hidden gems of Prague on 4 unique free tours in English. Free Walking Tour Prague is the only free tour operator in the Czech capital providing a complete tour of Prague totally on a free contribution basis!. Visit us here”


Explore the city of Valencia with us. We will go the extra mile to give the best paid tours and premier free tours.Visit us


“Praga, la capital de la República Checa, tiene merecida su fama de ser una de las ciudades más bellas del mundo. Te proponemos conocerla con nuestro Free Tour de una manera entretenida e interesante!. Visit us here”


The idea of Hong Kong Free Tours is to bring you the best Hong Kong tour experience without the financial support of any business or governmental involvement. Therefore you can enjoy your visit without any bias.Visit us


“The FIRST free walk in Hong Kong, we are LOCAL young people who are passionate in promoting local culture and showing you the TRUE Hong Kong.! Visit us here”


“At Good Cracow Tours, we know travelers and we know how to run free walking tours! We’ve stood in your shoes and learned how to make them more comfortable. Visit us here.”


“The Free Tour Stockholm City start at Old Town. This free walking tour goes beyond introducing the sites. We will guide you through the city’s fascinating history from its darkest hours to its brightest moments. Visit us here.”

Athens free walking tour

“Explore the city that has over 3000 years of history and discover all the facts, myths and secrets that you won’t find in your guidebook. Our English-speaking local experts will share their knowledge and passion for Athens with you. Visit us here.”

“four courses for Bukchon, Jeongdong, Gyeongbokgung and Bongeunsa.Each course has it’s own characteristics.You don’t need to prepare something special, even money.Visit us here.”
belgrade free walking tour
“We are an independent team of local tour guides, who are truly passionate about Belgrade and it’s life-style, in our walks we intend to present you the habits,
customs and character of the locals by giving you a deeper insight into everything the city has to offer. here.”
Sydeny free wlaking tour
“Take our walking tour first to explore The City and The Rocks, then the bus tour to discover areas further away from the city not accessible by foot. Those areas are must see in Sydney, they make our city the most beautiful in the world. here.”
Singapore free walking tour

“Monster Day Tours is the No.1 Free Walking Tour Operator in Singapore. We focus on local authentic experiences, hidden gems and exploring off-the-beaten paths in Singapore. here.”

marseille free walking tour france
Join us to explore this wonderful city aged of 2.600 years on a three hours walking tour through which we will get on an exciting journey. Starting with the beautiful old port, a natural cove and the birthplace of the city, this is where it all began! “Le Panier”. We’ll be waiting for you 🙂Visit us
my turn to travel tours
“The planet is such a beautiful place and I believe we are all placed here to discover it. To discover the beauty of nature and the beauty of different cultures, join my blog and travel better.Visit us here.”
spicy free walking tour chile
We are an inde­pen­dent com­pany, founded by back­pack­ers, that after trav­el­ling in more than 50 coun­tries real­ized that tourists in Chile wheren´t get­ting what they deserved. That was the gen­e­sis of Spicy Chile, where we believe that every trav­eler has the right to take full advan­tage of the city.Visit us
strasbourg free walking tour
In the Happy Strasbourg team, we are all native and passionate guides. Our goal is that during the visit, you feel like you are walking with a friend who would always be HAPPY, interesting, and also ready to give you all the advices you need, so no more hesitation.”join us!
like it formosa free walking toru
Get Started, See Taipei from a Local’s Perspective with friendly and knowledgeable Tour Guides and Travelers Worldwide.”join us!
free london walking tours
Welcome to Free London Walking Tours! We offer seven different free walking tours, more than any other company in London! We are a small, independent company; this means our tour groups are much smaller than other free tour operators (usually less than 15 people).”join us!
rio de janiero free walking tour
We offer 6 different tours in Rio! It’s not necessary to book in advance, just show up at the meeting point! Free Walker Tours was the first company offering Free Walking Tour Rio de Janeiro, as well Pub Crawls and a Food Tour in the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa. “Free Walking Tour Rio de Janeiro
heroes free walking tour bogota
Heroes Tour is a premium, which enables tourists to discover Bogota’s center, taste 8 delicious local flavors while understanding all the recent history of the country, beyond clichés & taboos, and most importantly, learn about Colombian Heroes.”join us!
alltherooms-logo, hotel booking platform
“ is the world’s first and only complete accommodations search engine. We connect you with every accommodation—hotel, vacation rental, couch or hammock—to give you the best places to stay at on earth.”
singapore free walking tour
“Monster Day Tours is the No.1 Free Walking Tour Operator in Singapore. We focus on local authentic experiences, hidden gems and exploring off-the-beaten paths in Singapore. here.”
cologne free walking tour germany
“The idea of Freewalk Cologne developed in 2015. Matthias was showing the city to a lot of couchsurfing guests . After a while, more people wanted to join and over the time the groups grew bigger and bigger. Free Tour Cologne 
free tour lyon france
“ Lyon is the most beautiful and interesting city in France. But to discover it properly, you need to know where to go. Don’t miss the secrets passages, hidden courts, the abandoned church and more, join us for a free walking tour  with LyonExplorer in France
Amsterdam classic tours
Amsterdam Classic Tours is an organisation that provides walking tours in Amsterdam. Our aim is to break common clichés about the city and provide insightful and enriching tours, join us now for the best local tours in Amsterdam 
best travel blog

Learn about the World History and the Best Travel Tips with Around the World with Her! She shares the Best Experiences ever | Learn how to Travel better from her!

free walking tour kiev, ukraine

We are young & talented people who love what they do. All of us were born to Kiev, join us, we have the best cultural focused Kiev free walking tours in Ukraine | Join Us Now!

free walking tour san francisco usa

The tour takes 2½ hours. You’d barely notice the time as it’s less walking and more fun facts and conversation so you never get tired or bored | Join the best free walking tour in San Francisco USA.

Leaf, free walking tour Madrid, Spain

Discover the History, stories and secrets of Madrid with Leaf Madrid Tours and take the best experience back home with our Free Walking Tour Madrid!

Culure and Tourings, bes spanish tours on foot

Join the best free walking tours in Spanish with culture and touring, local tour guides, licensed and very friendly ones, feel free to tip them since they only work on tip basis, learn more about free walking tour in Berlin by Culture and Touring!

Riga Free Walking Tour

Join us all year round on one of our Riga Free Walking Tours. Running daily rain or shine! (no tours on 1st of January)  Join us at 10am or 12pm to take part in one of the free walking tours of Riga.

Join the besta Mallorca free walking tou in Mallorca Spain!

Mallorca Free Tour is designed for everyone and small groups. Unveil the history and emblematic buildings of the old city of Palma! Furthermore you´ll learn about secret places, corners and Majorcan lifestyle. Join us now for Mallorca free walking tour!

Riga Free Walking Tour

Join us all year round on one of our Riga Free Walking Tours. Running daily rain or shine! (no tours on 1st of January)  Join us at 10am or 12pm to take part in one of the free walking tours of Riga.