Saqsayhuaman + Qenqo + White Jesus | Short Trek

Before booking the following short trekking tour, please keep in mind that for this tour is recommended to start up in the morning time between 8am to 1pm. You can also ask for any specific request that is not mentioned below,
just contact us, we promise we  will make our best.

  • Itinerary
  • Included
  • Not Included
  • Price
  • Transportation
  • Booking
  • Meeting Point
  • What to Bring?
  • Historical Briefing of Cusco City.
  • Visit of Plaza de Armas, of the Cathedral and the Church of the Brothers (outdoor, we are not going inside the churches).
  • We will walk uphill the mountain, we will make a stop at San Cristobal Church, best Panoramic View for Cusco.
  • After taking the best photos, we will keep walking up hill, until we get to Saqsayhuaman where you will buy the entrance tickets.
  • Learn about Inca Deities and Inca Architecture and the famous Eye of the Puma at Saqsayhuaman.
  • After exploring this place we will go to see some Llamas or Alpacas or even a trout hatchery, (This places are very optional, since they might not be available on Sundays, holidays, protests reasons, etc.), if we don’t see them, no problem we will explain about the flora from the Andes.
  • Qenqo, is the next spot, great temple dedicated to the Pachamama, the Earth Goddess.
  • Next coming up is the White Jesus Statue (No need entrance fees, it is free to visit this site).
  • Once we are done with upper side of Cusco city we will walk downhill the San Blas Colonial Neighborhood
  • Finally, we will see the 12 sided stone at the Palace of Inca Roca, where once Che Guevara wrote part of his Motorcycle’s Diary.
  • We can always end up our tour at any place of your choice either at a Restaurant, Plaza de Armas or we can even walk you back to your Hotel.

Professional Tour Guide graduated from the National University of San Antonio Abad, with at least 5 years
of experience as Tour Guide, knowledgeable, great English speaking, fun to be with.

• Entrance tickets (Boleto Turistico), you will need this ticket to enter Saqsayhuaman and Qenqo. The Boleto Turistico cost 130 soles(full ticket) or 70 soles if it is a partial ticket. You can buy the tourist ticket at the ruins.

• If by any chance you want a taxi or 100% private van, the price is not included as well, this might happen if you give up walking uphills, in this case your Tour Guide will get a Taxi or Van depending on the amount of your group.

• Meals, snacks, juices or any food item you might ask on this tour while walking is not included.

This tour is done privately and the price below is per person according the size of your group, payment will be done
at the beginning or at the end of the service to your tour guide.

  • I’m a solo traveler: 45 USD
  • We are 2 people: 28 USD per person
  • We are 3 people: 26 USD per person
  • We are 4 people: 23 USD per person
  • We are 5 people: 20 USD per person
  • We are 6 people: 18 USD per person
  • We are 7 people+: Price will be arranged by your Inkan Milky Way representative.

Kids, Teenagers benefits:
0 – 12 years old are excempted, no payment is required for this tour.
14 – 17 years old teenagers are required to pay 15 USD each.

Recommended Groups by Customers who have taken our service, more discounts, inquires, requests, big groups, students?  contact us here, we promise to do our best.

No need, everything will be by foot, however since this a short trek that includes uphill walking you might want to take a taxi or a van 100% private Bus instead of walking, then just read below:

If you might need a TAXI, follow below instructions:

  • The cost of this ride (15 to 20 soles) which is not included on this Tour.
  • Only groups of 4 or fewer can take a taxi.
  • We will take a taxi only one way since on the way back we can always walk.
  • If we take a taxi, we are not stopping at San Cristobal church

Taxi Driver itinerary: Downtown Cusco to Saqsayhuaman, the rest of the places we will see it by Foot(we are not stopping at San Cristobal Church), however if you want a taxi for the whole tour, the price will change up to 50 to 70 soles.

For this short trek groups of 5 and more are strongly encougared to take 100% private Van or Sprinter, see below remarks:

  • The cost of any private Transportation is not included on this Tour, we will let you know the final price of this tour according the size of the bus that you request.
  • Big groups can always do this tour by foot however there is a big porcentaje that somebody might get afected because of the High.

100% Private Driver’s itinerary: Downtown Cusco – San Cristobal Church – Saqsayhuaman – Qenqo – White Jesus Statue – San Blas Neighborhood.

Plaza REGOCIJO (Kusipata), in front of the City Hall (Palacio Municipal) but if you wish to be picked up
from your hotel, let us know, no extra fee for this.
Our Tour Guide will be wearing YELLOW VESTS with the FTF logo, if you are lost call us here:
+51 958 745640 or +51 974 479073, if no answer just keep beeping us, either mobile number will answer.

At all times, bring some walking shoes, some WARM clothing, wear hats, wear sunblock.