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Everyone is welcome to our free tour as long as:
  • You are responsive to history
  • You have the Tipping culture
  • You are keen to walk
  • You have 3 hours available time
  • You are keen to join a group tour

If you have Kids, you can bring them however since our free tours are designed for adults, they may not enjoy our free walks, and therefore we recommend booking a private tour instead of a group tour or free tour!

Nevertheless our free tour guides always do their best to deliver decent tours

  • In Lima and Arequipa, try to leave it in your Hotel or at the Airport
  • In Cusco, leave it with us, leave it in our office at Calle Zetas 400, office 11, it is not for free!
  • Please contact us via e-mail before bringing your luggage!

Yes, it will happen (in Cusco, Lima and Arequipa), however our free tours in Miraflores and Barranco are suspended.

We run a free tour with a minimum of 4 people, if not we will cancel it, On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about this because we usually have the minimum number of walkers required 95% of the time, so just be positive!

So why can we not assure the tour event for 100%?

Simple, sometimes many people book but no one shows or No one books but many people shows, this is the nature of any free tour across the globe, anyway you can also book a private tour to guarantee your tour event

In Cusco city:

Find us at Calle Heladeros 225, in front of Chicha Restaurant at Regocijo Plazoleta, Look for Inkan Milky Way logo on the Yellow Vests!

In Lima city:

We have three free tour Lima meet up times and two meeting points for the same outing!

  • 10am Meeting Point in Miraflores(Pick-up), find us at Calle Schell 178(Schell street 178), outside Oechsle Mall | Look for the Inkan Milky Way Logo
  • 11am and 3pm Meeting Point in Lima Center(tour starting point), find us in front of La Merced Church on the Jiron de la Union street | Look for the Inkan Milky Way Logo on the yellow vests

In Arequipa city:

Find us at Calle Santa Catalina 204, inside the Chaqchao ChocoMuseo, No Uniform

In Cusco city:

Look for Inkan Milky Way logo on the Yellow Vests

In Lima city:

  • At 10am meeting point in Miraflores(Pick-up). Look for the Inkan Milky Way logo only
  • At 11am and 11am meeting point in Lima center, look for the Inkan Milky Way logo on the yellow vests

Don´t get confused with Fake yellow vests

In Arequipa city:

Look for our operator: Free Tour Downtown Arequipa, they don´t wear no uniform, just go to the correct meeting point

A free tour is a philosophy, do not translate it literally, free tour means, Book for Free, Enjoy the tour at No Up-Front Cost at all, at the end of the tour donate generously.

The Amount of tipping will change according to the country location

  • Free tour Tip in NYC is 20 USD per person
  • Free Tour Tip in Barcelona is 15 to 20 euros per person
  • Free Tour Tip in Budapest is 15 euros per person
  • Free Tour in Santiago de Chile is 12 UDS per person
  • FREE TOUR TIP IN PERU is 7 to 10 USD per person (20 to 30 Peruvian Soles per person)

Consider that the money you tip is not only for the tour guide but also to cover all the operation cost, fly lets, online marketing, webmaster, photographer, host and most importantly Your Money Goes in the Hands of Local People

Neither Your Tour Guide nor The Team have fixed salaries from the Government

That is the matter which city you are touring, please bring:
  • Warm Cloth
  • Hats
  • Sun Glasses
  • Walking Shoes
  • Rain Coats
  • Umbrella
  • Sun Block
  • Bottle of Water
  • If you take our Lima walking tour leaving from Miraflores, bring 2.50 soles pp for the public Bus ticket

  • In Cusco and Arequipa, 2.5 to 3 hours
  • In Lima 2.5 hours as long as you start from Lima center, if you start in Miraflores it takes 3.5 hours

  • In Cusco and Arequipa, 2.5 to 3 hours
  • In Lima 2.5 hours as long as you start from Lima center, if you start in Miraflores it takes 3.5 hours

Important for Lima Joiners

Car traffic is terrible, if google map does not give exact time, take your taxi, bus or uber BEFOREHAND

Booking is Mandatory! If you don´t have booking and you are already at the meeting point, we will check whether we still have space, if there is space you will take the tour with us.

Before you are accepted, your host at the meeting point will also inform you very roughly the places we will visit duration and How Much to Tip!

Why Booking is Obligatory?

We had many tourists before who complained about our walks, some of them said “I did not like the tour, they brought me to a shop”, “the itinerary was boring”, “they change the route”, etc.” We are humans, we never pretend we cannot make mistakes, we are here to learn and do good tours but most of the complains are from Attendees who did not read and book our free tours, they haven´t even check the tour content and itinerary

I have done walks before in the world, they did not ask me for booking, Why your tour required booking?

Because each company has its own way of working to enhance the tour quality and most importantly We Are Not The Same Company

You will receive your reservation confirmation as soon as we get your message via e-mail therefore we need to have it in order to give you a reply, we will not use your e-mail address for commercial or publicity purposes you can take our word for it, we are professional people, licensed tour operators and tour guides

We are going to do our best to stick to our itinerary, but they may change because of the following situations:

  • Weather conditions
  • Demonstrations or strikes on the streets
  • Passengers Request (need to be the majority)
  • Traditional festivities
  • Holydays
  • On Sundays

We only have English and Spanish as available languages, NO other language is available unless you reserve a private tour, if so we can do our best to find a tour guide in French, Italian, German or Japanese

Please check the Available Language according to your free tour schedule on the landing page, for example:

Groups or Families of 11 or more are more than welcome to contact us before reserving and according to our available tour guides and spot in our free tour whether we will accept or reject your participation in our free tours. From experience, we know that large groups have the tendency to NOT pay attention to the Tour Guide´s explanation, which is so disrespectful for both the guide and other attendees.

Important for Tour Conductors

If you have a big group, contact us before bringing your group to our free tours and let them know that they must tip per person!

From experience we know many Tour Conductors do not inform about the PERSONAL TIP for the guide and team, in many cases they don´t even tip because the Tour Conductor never informed about how a free tour works!

If you as Tour Conductor prefer to tip for your customers, donate generously 20 soles per person.

No, our free tour is Always a Group tour, you will join other attendees

Even if you are a group of 20 people, we still say no, because from experience we know that big groups of friends or mates Do Not pay attention to our Tour Guide’s explanation

Yes! Please! Let us know so the your tour guide doesn´t wait for you

No, we run the tour unless in case of strikes or riots, because we must give priority to your safety.

Consider that in some cases we can even cancel your free tour with no previous information because of strikes

We would like to have 4 tourists. Otherwise, the tour will be cancelled. For more information go to our policies | On the other hand, you do not have to worry about this because we usually have the minimum number of walkers required 95% of the time.

20 tourists either for English or Spanish

From time to time we have large groups and one tour guide to manage the whole group, please don’t blame on our guide or the team, simply because most attendees don’t book in advance so cannot take a decision beforehand to hire extra tour guides

Our free tours and paid group tours are not suitable for people with reduced mobility therefore, we recommend a private tour

Yes, you can as long as you are capable to walk and stand on your feet for some minutes while your guide explains about some historical spots.

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