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All the FAQs below apply only to free tours in Peru, if you have any questions about a paid tour, visit us here.

I have minor children, can I bring them to the free tour?

Bring them, even though the free tours are designed mainly for adults, we will do our best to ensure that your children also enjoy the free tour.

I just booked your free tour. Is it confirmed?

Please read the automatic message we sent you.

How much is an appropriate tip for free tours in Peru?

Some leave 20 soles per person, others 50 soles per person, some even leave 20 US dollars and/or euros. It will depend on how much you liked the walking tour.

Is it mandatory to book the free tour?

  • Reservations are mandatory to know how many tourists we will have per city, time and language; This will help us implement the appropriate number of guides.
  • If you book, we can also contact you if there are any changes to the free tour.
  • Note: If you forgot to reserve, come directly to the meeting point; except for some free tours in Peru. For more information, see all the details of the free tour separately.

We are a group of 11 or more. Can we book online?

  • No, please contact us before making the reservation.
  • From experience we know that large groups don’t pay attention to the Guide or don’t leave the proper donation.

I’m part of a travel agency, can I book?

No, please contact us before making the reservation.

Are there free tour cancellations?

  • We don’t do cancellations; unless there are strikes, rain, unavailability of the Guide due to force majeure or any event that might alter the normal development of the free tours.
  • Only under the mentioned cases above, can we cancel the free tour even at the last minute.

Minimum number of attendees required to run the free tour

  • 2 people. If there isn’t that amount, we will be rescheduled the tour for another day.
  • Consider that many tourists book, but don’t show up at the meeting point, some don’t book but show up at the meeting point, this is the reason why we won’t be able to guarantee the exact number of attendees to the free tour.

I use a wheelchair, can I take a free tour?


I use crutches, can I participate in your free tours?


Where do I leave my luggage?

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