free walking tours peru

Terms & Conditions

For free tours:

  • We reserve the right of admission to any individual in our free tours in the following cases: the tourist is drunk, the tourist is disrespectful with the Guide or other attendees, the tourist does not pay attention to the Tour Guide’s explanation, etc.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for any loss of your belongings and tourist accidents during our free tours.
  • All free tours worldwide work based on tips; generous donations are appreciated because no free tour Guide has a salary, your donation is everything.
  • All the itineraries of the free tours in the three cities (Cusco, Lima and Arequipa) are referential; they can change depending on many factors.
  • We can always cancel free tours at the last minute for many reasons, such as: weather issues, strikes, there is not the minimum number of tourists required to do the free tour, etc. However, this situation almost never happens, we have guaranteed departures to 99%.
  • If you and your group show up at the meeting point without prior reservation for the free tour, we have the right to either accept or reject your participation.
  • Large groups of 11 or more should contact us first, before making the reservation.
  • All the free tours in Arequipa are not operated directly by Inkan Milky Way Tours; otherwise by Free Tour Downtown Arequipa

For paid tours:

  • Any cancellation of the excursions that you reserved is with a minimum of 48 hours in advance; however, this is very referential, because it may also depend on what type of tour you booked.
  • The itineraries of our paid tours can suddenly change or even be cancelled due to weather issues and strikes.
  • If you did not show up on the day of your excursion, the service is considered done, without any option to claim.