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Cusco: All free walking tours and custom tours are operated directly by us, except some group services that might be operated by third parties, to make it more affordable, whatever goes in Cusco we will do our best, we don’t try.

Lima: Because of the succeed that we have in the tourism Market in Peru, this year 2018 we are also operating DIRECTLY all free walking tours and custom tours in Lima, you can always see our reviews on google business and facebook, and book in advance.

Arequipa: At this beautiful city, we are partnered with free tour downtown Arequipa, this is the team that operates all our free walking tours in this city.


This is Elvis “The King”, Co-Founder and your Tour Guide, together with my brother Richard we started the walking tours and bespoke tours with the aim of making top quality tours.

I studied tourism and hospitality business at the college, graduated and well- experienced in this outlet, every time I do my guiding I follow one motto: Few people really dislike history, it is merely the way it’s presented to you. Using my studies, my passion to my job, my experience and my willingness to do my best, I make people feeling good to great, more than offering tours I do offer emotions.

I have conducted well over 2000 tours of Cusco, having got almost 400 reviews on tripadvisor with my name, I have the city at my fingertips, ready to be shared.
I do speak well English since I have worked for many years in the USA in the hospitality business.

“This is a must for everyone new to the city. We did the 10am Downtown tour with Elvis – a local and super enthusiastic guide.”

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This is Richard “The Lion’s heart”, Co-Founder and Tour Guide, graduated from the College, specialized in history, culture and lifestyle, I am ready to share my knowledge with you.I am father of one beautiful girl, have been working for many years in hospitality business such as Hotels, Restaurants, Travel Agencies, Cruise Ships and son and so forth.

Every time I do share my time with you I bring charm, knowledge, manners and great humor to my tours and eagerly await helping to make your Cusco trip a memorable one.

I have conducted hundreds of tours of Cusco, having got almost 400 reviews on tripadvisor with my name, I have the city ready to show you.

Every day, and in every role, we are Consummate service Makers.
We serve.
We are warm, welcoming, respectful, and professional. Whether working with customers or each other, we are always creating relaxed and rejuvenating vacation experiences and lifelong memories.

We innovate.
We are always thinking of new ways—large and small—to improve how we work together and delight our customers.

We respect our team.
We value each other’s talents, viewpoints, cultures, and contributions. We treat each other as we wish to be treated.

We are accountable.
We never compromise on things that we cannot make it happen. Safety and security are our most important responsibilities apart from top quality. Our customers can trust us because we adhere to the highest ethical standards.

We do it right.
We do our best so that our service is a decent one for all customers, if we fail, we fail by trying to make a good service to you BUT never by giving up.

  • Small and local is the way to go as we feel it is important not to lose touch with our city and our people.
  • Support responsible tourism and participate only with small, local businesses within the community.
  • Keep our company 100 percent locally and indigenous owned.
  • Offer a memorable and enjoyable walking tour experience.
  • Make the best unique private tours within Cusco city and nearby.
  • Educate about Incan culture and its history.

We offer top quality and personalized tours, no matter the type. Those who choose to take a free walking tour are treated with the same dedication as those who choose bespoke tours.
We are recognized as the leading walking Tour Company and leading local tour agency in terms of premier service in the Cusco region.

We hope to build an entirely sustainable company that provides top-quality service to visitors. “Sustainable company” to us means “Green Tourism” with no pollutions
We hope to develop methods to provide indigenous society and everybody within Cusco region with opportunities for job, education and support.

Inkan Milky Way SRL. Tours & Walks is an authorized company by the City Hall of Cusco city and The Minister of Tourism therefore We Do Pay Taxes, We Are Not an illegal Company.
We believe that top quality service is our goal in our service as much as THE AUTHORIZATION from the authorities so that tourists can be sure to feel safe while taking our tour services.

In Cusco,Lima and Arequipa there are approximately 10,000 tour agencies, most of them are illegal, they don’t even have an office.

Note: In Peru to guide tourists you MUST be a professional authorized guide with a carnet issued from the Minister of Tourism, given only to people who have studied tourism and hospitality at Universities or Institutes, we say this because there are many fake guides, who have NOT studied to be guides.

Travel better, Book better, Go better, Join a licensed company and authorized Real Tour Guides.

City Hall Authorization
Certificado Dircetur