How to get from Miraflores or Barranco to Lima historic center?

If you are staying in Barranco or Miraflores, come to our Meeting Point in Lima center, be there at 11 am for the morning free tour or at 3 pm for the afternoon free tour, use google maps how to get to our meeting point?

By Metropolitano Bus: (Cheap and Fast)

  1. If you are in Barranco, go to Bulevard Metropolitano Bus station which is just right across the Main Plaza of Barranco, (Be there 1 hour prior to your meet-up time in Lima downtown.
  2. If you are in Miraflores, go to Benavides Bus station which is very close to Kennedy Park, (Be there 1 hour prior to your meet-up time in Lima downtown.
  3. At the Bus station buy your Card from the Operator counter, the price is 4.50 soles, and refill it(Note this is the price of the card), How much should you refill? The ticket price to any destination is 3.20 soles pp, this will be charged anytime you swipe your card, (3.20 soles will be deducted).
  4. Once your card is refilled, swipe your card at the spin door, so you enter, how about your other mates? Borrow them your card and let them swipe also.
  5. Once all of you are at the Bus station, make sure you get on Line C, heading to the North (Hacia al Norte). Just ask local people by saying in Spanish: De dónde tomo el Bus para Jirón de la Union?
  6. Get off at Jirón de la Union bus station (it takes 30 min), the name of the stations are displayed on the screen of the buses and also announced verbally.
  7. From Jirón de la Union bus station, get on foot(2min) to La Merced Church(located on the Jiron de la union street), apart from that this Church is just 2 blocks AWAY from the Plaza de Armas of Lima
  8. Identify your Real Tour Guides via the Inkan Milky Way logo embroidered on the Yellow Vests, you will see us right in front of the Church, don’t get confused

By Taxi or Uber:

We recommend Uber, it is cheaper

  • If you take your taxi from Barranco, you should pay a maximum of 25 soles
  • If you take your taxi from Miraflores, you should pay a maximum of 20 soles

You need to ask for the price before getting in the taxi, make sure any price they give you is in local currency – don’t negotiate in USA dollars (because of the exchange rate).

Very Important: Car Traffic in Lima is one of the worst ones in the World, please DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE this issue

How can I book your free tour of Lima historic center, If I stay in Barranco or Miraflores?

Reserving a free tour of Lima center is a piece of cake, it is completely free, sure tips are very much appreciated at the end of the tour, but there is no up-front cost at all. Please Use Whatsapp for emergencies only, not for booking, click on the button below to reserve

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