Larco Museum Lima Peru — A premium collection by Rafael Larco Hoyle

Explore the largest exhibition of archaeology in Peru, visit the Larco Museum, the gallery contains hundreds of ceramic, textile and jewellery remains collected, the museum was founded in July 1926 by the Peruvian collector Rafael Larco Hoyle, who is also considered one of the precursors of Peruvian archaeology.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

History of Larco Museum

The museum was originally located at Chiclin state farmhouse in the northern Peru, but in the 50s, Rafael Larco decided to move to Lima so also all the collections were brought to Lima, Rafael thought that the whole collection would achieve a greater dissemination of the archaeological material in the Peruvian capital city.

Currently the museum is located in the district of Puerto Libre inside a colonial house dating back to 1700.

What will you see at the Larco Museum?

The museum includes a magnificent collection of all excavations and / or investigations made by Rafael Larco Hoyle from the 1920s until his death in the 1960s.

  • All visitors begin the visit in the Introductory Hall, where you will find the history of the museum and the entire trajectory of its founder Rafael Larco.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

  • After this hall, you will go to the Peruvian Culture Gallery where more than 5000 years of Peruvian history is exhibited through pre-Columbian ceramics.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

  • If you love textile, then here comes your favourite spot! The Textile Hall exhibits a large collection of various mantles and robes of ancient Peru, the authentic Peruvian textile tell us a lot about the native idiosyncrasy of ancient Peruvians.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

  • After visiting the Textile Hall you will see The Offering Hall where you will learn about the respect that ancient Peruvians had for their living energies or deities such as the rivers or mountains.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

  • In addition to the Offering Hall, there is also the Ceremonial Recipient Hall that displays cups, glasses and vessels in gold and silver used in religious events such as for the winter solstice or the summer equinox.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

  • If you love Jewels, here comes your favourite place The Hall of Gold and Jewels, which is divided into 5 galleries where you will see figures made out of gold, silver, copper and precious stones.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

  • And finally and surely for many the hall that has the most demand: The Erotic Art Hall that exhibits archaeological pieces of pre-Columbian art with explicit representations of the female and male genital organs, and scenes of sexual acts for fertility and abundance purposes. This tell us that the ancient Peruvians were very open-minded people regarding sex; this issue was not considered a taboo. Many people call this gallery as the “The Kamasutra Hall” although the connotation of the Erotic “Huacos” differs from Kamasutra.

Larco Museum Lima Peru

Restaurant, Garden and Souvenirs shop of the Museum

After a couple of hours of a very educational tour, you can also explore the garden and then eat at the restaurant that is in situ, there is also a boutique shop with museum souvenirs.

Larco Museum Lima Peru, restarant
Restaurant of Larco Museum

How much to pay?

Please bring local currency, below we mention the prices in USDs (approximate) so that all readers can understand, we repeat bring local currency: Soles Peruanos

  • Adults: USD 10.
  • Adults over 65 years: USD 8.
  • Students: 5 USD.


  • The Larco Museum is open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm
  • Christmas holidays: December 24, 25, 31 and January 1, the schedule is from 9am to 6pm


Avenida Bolivar 1515 in Pueblo Libre district, Lima Peru

How to get in there?

From Barranco, Miraflores or Lima center please take a taxi or uber, it will take you approximately 15 to 40 minutes depending on the traffic and where exactly you are located, pay average USD 10.

Where do I get a Professional Tour Guide?

Inside the museum you will find tourist guides, if you pay the entrance you will be assigned a Guide(so the guide is “included”), but as it is in the United States, the Guides await your gratification at the end of the tour, if you want a personalized tour check the price personally with the Guides from the museums. You can also contact InkanMilkyWay so that we can help you get a Professional and Authorized Guide. We also recommend you to take our free walking tours in downtown Lima.

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