Reasons why to visit Lima, the capital of Peru — What makes Lima unique

Reasons why to visit Lima | If you come to South America, most likely that you will also come to the famous city of Lima, if you still have doubts whether you should come or not to Lima, we mention below the outstanding reasons you that will definitely bring you to Lima and experience the best of The City of the Kings. Keep in mind that if you are well informed about this destination you will make the most of the city.

Razones para conocer Lima, La capital del Perú — ¿Por qué visitar Lima?

The epicentre of the Most Delicious Gastronomy

Lima and Peru are the best culinary destination in Latin America and worldwide, The World Travel Award Organization on its 26th award event has chosen Lima and Peru as the Best Culinary Destination Worldwide for 8 years in a row.

Why are Lima and Peruvian food in the eyes of the world? The first reason is the history of the ancient Peruvian who practised a large-scale agrarian economy by domesticating many roots, plants, fruits, including animals, this fact makes us having nowadays many ingredients that lots of countries don´t have.

The second reason is the arrival of many European, Asian and African immigrants who brought their own cuisine tradition that enriched Peruvian culinary because of the combination they made. For example “Chifa” is a Chinese-Peruvian restaurant.

Reasons why to visit Lima
Unforgettable Culinary

Below we recommend you the most delicious dishes from Lima and Peru:

Great infrastructure for Tourism

The city of Lima, despite being an immense metropolis, has adequate infrastructure to accommodate visitors, not only foreigners but also national visitors.

In the district of Cercado de Lima Lima, San Isidro, Miraflores, San Miguel and Barranco there are located almost all accommodation establishments, restaurants and bars for tourists, if you are from the interior of Peru(province) you can also stay in those mentioned places or look for much more affordable options in La Victoria or Surquillo district.

Cool Reasons why to visit Lima

Millenary Pre-hispanic History

Lima already had a civilized society from approximately 300 BC, then the Rimac Valley and the city were conquered by the year 1570 by the Inca people and then the Spaniards will take over the city until its independence in 1821. Every street, every square, each pre-Columbian site has a lot to teach us.

If you want to have a useful and quick introduction to the history of Lima, take a Free Walking Tour with MilkyWay, our expert and qualified guides will tell you the story in detail. You can also see our free tour Lima reviews on TripAdvisor with more than 1250 opinions.

Below we mention the most important pre-Hispanic cultures that inhabited the Rimac river valley before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1535.

A1 Level Museums

Lima has a wide range of museums on archaeology, art, textile, colonial and republican history, etc. The best museum we recommend is the Museo Larco that shows a wonderful collection that encompasses a total of 3000 years of ancient Peruvian history.

The prices to the museums in Lima are very cheap, they range in between 3 to 10 USD, and they are generally open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Razones para conocer Lima
Best Museums in Lima

If you love the spanish colonial history of Lima, we recommend you visit the catacombs of San Francisco and the convent of Santo Domingo; The prices for both museums do not exceed 5 US Dollars per person.

Spanish Architectural Beauty

We are sure that if you come to Lima you will notice that the city has a high-quality colonial and republican architecture. For example, some churches were decorated with Baroque style Art, others with Renaissance style,  note that both artistic styles denote that those constructions were built in between 1535 and 1700, after this century we have the arrival of other styles such as the neoclassical that shows a lot of simplicity in contrast to the style Baroque and the last stage of architectural art in Lima is the art-nouveau that arrive in Peru in the Republican era, brought to this country by the French. If you love art, you will definitely consider this topic as a reason to get to know Lima.

Reasons why to visit Lima
Extravagant Architecture

The architectural beauty is not only visible in the churches, convents, monasteries, mansions and colonial palaces such as the Casa Obando or the Torre Tagle palace, but also in the Balcones of Lima.

How to explore Lima best?

You can book your best activities in Lima through MilkyWay a local company and operator, you can also do with them the best free tour!

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