Things to do in Lima Peru — Best Activities List by InkanMilkyWay

Things to do in Lima Peru | Enjoy Lima better by visiting must-see places in the Capital city of Peru. Lima is known by Historians as the “City of the Kings” since it was the most important town during the Spanish or colonial period for around 300 years. Nowadays Lima is the most cosmopolitan city in Peru because it received lots of migrants from other cities during the internal conflict starting in 1980 ending in 1997. Below we mention to you the most important historical, cultural and natural attractions you can explore.

Things to do in Lima Peru
Things to do in Lima Peru | Best Activities List by InkanMilkyWay

Visit the Kennedy Park

Located in the heart of Miraflores, explore this awesome green area where you will find a good number of artisans and painters who exhibit their works. As well as groups of musicians and recreational games for children. If you are wondering about restaurants, sure there are many, you can visit Rafael for traditional Peruvian food however if you would love traying some Japanese Peruvian restaurant try Maido, you will love it. it is for free to access this park!

Things to do in Lima Peru
Kennedy Park

Visit the Love Park – Parque del Amor

If you want to take a short trek, make your way to the Love Park, just 15 min away from Kennedy Park on foot. The place has an awesome view of the Pacific ocean. It is free to visit.

Things to do in Lima Peru
Love Park

Visit the House of the Peruvian Literature

Explore this awesome republican building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century designed by Rafael Marquina, the first Peruvian Architect. Consider that the access is for free!

Things to do in Lima Peru
House of Peruvian Literature

Visit the Museo de Sitio Bodega y Quadra

This is an archaeological site in the Historic Center of Lima where you will remain from the prehispanic period, there an entrance fee required, pay around 1.5 USD pp.

Things to do in Lima
Bodega y Quadra Museum

Visit The Cultural Centre of Garcilaso de la Vega Cultural

We recommend you to visit the Garcilaso de la Vega Cultural Center where you will see various exhibitions about Art such as paintings or sculptures. It is free to access!

Things to do in Lima Peru
Cultural House of Garcilaso de la Vega

Visit the Church of Santa Rosa de Lima

Explore this beautiful colonial period church built to honour the first woman saint in the American Continent known as Santa Rosa de Lima, it is free to access.

Things to do in Lima Peru
Church of Santa Rosa

Visit “El Parque Tematico

See the aeroplanes and helicopters of the Air Force of Peru, this innovative museum is quite new organized by the Marine forces of Peru, we believe if you have kids, this may the correct place to make them happy. Consider that this place is in Callao, not that close to Lima city centre nether Callao. Pay 1 USD entrance fee.

Things to do in Lima Peru
“Parque Tematico” by The Air Force

Visit Casa Mariátegui

This place will help you to learn about the representative characters of Peru’s cultural, artistic, labour and political life from the 20th century. The access is for free!

Things to do in Lima Peru
House of Mariategui

Visit the  Skate park in Miraflores

See an aerodynamic show at the Skate Park, located in Miraflores. It has a total area of 2,600 square meters and is divided into an area dedicated to the sport of skateboarding, inline skating and extreme mountain biking (BMX). The access is for free!

Things to do in Lima Peru
Skate Park

Visit The Historic Center of Lima

Explore the most historical area in Lima dating back to the colonial era, where you will see prehispanic remains, colonial houses and churches, cool Spanish streets and more.

Things to do in Lima Peru
Historical Center of Lima

Take part of a Free Walking Tour in Lima

You can explore most of the emblematic places in Lima with a free guided tour in the historical center with the Milky Way walking tour, we also have a pick-up point in Miraflores, check our best free tour lima reviews.

Things to do in Lima Peru
Free Walking Tour of Lima

Meeting Point for Free Tour in Lima

  • If you are in the the historic center of Lima, come to La Merced Church
  • If you are close to Pasaje Porta 132 in Kennedy park – Miraflores, check our addreess below