Kids & Family

We the owners are also family men, we would travel as well, usually when you are running all the costs of your journey becomes expensive, therefore we want all our tours affordable to all people, especially if you are a family men, then contact us, we will make big discounts by offering you a group price. Kids normally have discounts on the entrance tickets to our museums or Inca Ruins; sometimes they are exempted from payments

Recommended By Friends

If a friend or friends of you recommended you to take some of our tours, we got big discounts, since we want to increase the amount of our community who have already taken our service.

For private tours within Cusco city we got better discounts, just give us the name of your friend or a family who has taken our service, then we will check it out on our system.

Group of Students

For the last couple of years traveling become more and more affordable even for students, but sometimes prices are a little bit more expensive, especially on the high season(April to September). Then let us take care of you, we will give you big discounts in all our tours, and we will still operate privately unless you ask for a group service.

Solo Traveler

There is no reason to believe that you cannot have a customized tour if you are a solo traveler.

If you are a solo traveler we got discounts for you, we will still operate tour privately unless you ask for a group service.

If you are planning to have a private tour in Cusco city, nearby ruins such as saqsayhunaman, Qenqo, the South Valley(Piquillaqta, Tipon, Raqchi, Andahualillas) or the Sacred Valley(Pisaq, Ollantaytambo, Moray, Maras Salt mining), let us know we can organize for you 100% private tour.