Best Free Walking Tour Lima, Perú | Tours by Foot in the City Centre

Experience The Best Free Walking Tour Lima city of Peru, we have the best option to explore the historical centre on foot, our walking tours are 100% cultural & historical focused | We won´t take you to bars, instead of that we´ll visit hidden and must-do attractions such us Palaces, Local Saints, Churches, Colonial streets and more at no upfront cost | At our Lima Free Walking Tour we put the power in your hands so that you value your Tour Guide´s job and leave a donation at the end of the tour in direct proportion of the free tour quality, this is why our gratuity-based model tours are getting so popular and acclaimed by Modern-day Travellers | To consider:  Our Free Walking Tours in Lima as also in other cities are Group Tours!

Free Walking Tour Lima Details

  • When:

Monday thru Saturday at 10am(Pick-up) & 11am & 3pm – Be on time

  • Do you operate free tours Lima on Sundays?

As announced before, we only operatED on Sundays until the 17th of November 2019 | NO OTHER DATE FOR SUNDAY WILL BE IN OPERATION until further notice.

  • Meeting Points:
  • 10am: meet us in Calle Schell 178 by Oechsle Mall, 2min away from Kennedy Park by foot in Miraflores, We´ll take the Bus to Lima city Centre(we don´t tour in Miraflores) | Join us in calle schell 178 only if you stay very close to this meeting point(10min away max by foot) Save up to 50 soles taxi fee! More Info…If you don`t like Local crowded Buses or you are not close to this meeting point , take a taxi and come to our 11am meeting point: La Merced church, this is where the tour will start(Not in Miraflores).
  • 11am: meet us in front of La Merced Church, at Jirón de La Union street, just 2 min away from Plaza Mayor Lima by foot | We strongly encourage you to join us at this meeting point from all over Lima, this is where tour will start More Info…
  • 3pm: meet us also in front of La Merced Church | Before coming to this tour, you Must check this free tour at More Info…
  • If you´re in Barranco check here.
  • Are you cruising? you are in Callao? Be at 11am in front of La Merced Church.
  • Duration:

3.5h if you start your free tour in Miraflores | 2.5h if you start in Lima Centre.

  • What to bring?

If your start your free tour from Miraflores, bring 2.50 soles for the Bus | Jumper, Hat, Sunglasses and Water.

  • How to recognize your Official Tour Guide?

Look for InkanMilkyWay logo-sign at the Correct Meeting Point | Don´t get confused with fake yellow vests without our Logo.

  • Reviews & Video:

Everyone can build websites, But not everybody can achieve great reviews, check ours at: 1150+ reviews on Free Tour Lima Tripadvisor Lima | 100+ testimonials on Facebook | 500+ reviews on Google Maps for Free Walking Tour Lima | See Our Video Decide Wisely!

  • Price:

Free – Decent Donation basis | If you are a Big Group let your mates know that Tips are appreciated.

  • Language:

Groups in English & Spanish | Separated Groups!

  • Reservation:

Click on the book now button and get instant confirmation | PLEASE USE WHATSAPP FOR EMERGENCY ONLY (Not for Booking).

Bonjour! Walker Français: Une free tour a un prix à la fin du tour, généralement un pourboire de vingt à trente soles | Nous offrons des free tours, pas de tours gratuites. Merci.

5 reasons to walk with us:
  • Recommended by many Testimonials!
  • No over-promising!
  • We don’t visit Bars!
  • Local Peruvian Licensed Tour Guides!
  • 100% Historical & Cultural tours!
Choose your free tour Lima meet up time.


This free tour leaves from Miraflores (pick up) in Calle Schell 178, by Oechsle Mall.

Join us in Calle Schell 178, outside Oechsle Mall, Miraflores

We will take the Bus to Lima city Centre, we’ll visit Must-Do attractions, Save up to 50 soles taxi fee¡ Let´s use Local Metro Bus transportation system.

  • From Mon to Sat, join us at 10am, don´t be late. – No Sundays
  • Groups in Spanish & English.
  • Este free walking tour Lima es 100% español, se recomienda asistir a este tour, para los guiados en español.


Join us in front of La Merced Church at Jirón de la Union Street – Lima Centre.

Join us in front of La Merced Church at Jirón de la Union Street – Lima Centre.

We will discover the magic of Lima city Centre(downtown), we´ll learn about the past and present of this Metropolis dating back to ancient times.

  • From Mon to Sat, join us at 11am, please don’t be late..
  • Tour Groups in English & Spanish.
  • Este tour es 100% español, se recomienda asistir a este tour, para los guiados en español
  • We see you son¡
More Free Tours in Lima Centre


Join us in front of La Merced Church at Jirón de la Union Street – Lima Centre.

Join us in front of La Merced Church at Jirón de la Union Street – Lima Centre.

Don’t know how to make the best of you journey to Lima in the afternoon? Then join our free walking tour Lima in the afternoon, we will walk in downtown Lima center.

  • From Mon to Sat, join us at 3pm, please don’t be late.
  • Groups in Spanish & English.
  • Este tour es 100% español siempre que haya un número considerable de turistas de habla hispana.
  • We see you son¡


How can I join you free tour if I am at Barranco district?

How can I join you free tour if I am at Barranco district?

For all tourists that are staying in Barranco district, you can be part of this experience and make the best of your day.

  • How to join our free tour?
  • How to take the Metropolitano?
  • How much should I pay for a taxi ride until dowtn Lima?
  • How long does it take to get from Barranco to Lima centre?
  • Find all answers by clicking below.
How can I join you free tour if I am at Barranco district?

PLEASE This Page for free tours Lima on Sundays

PLEASE This Page for free tours Lima on Sundays

100% Confirmed Departures for Sundays in Lima 2019 ONLY for: Sept 29th, | October 06th, 13th, 20th, 27th, | November 03rd, 10th and 17th ONLY.

  • Read this page and then Book!
  • Book Only for 10am or 11am.
  • Groups in Spanish & English.
  • Este free tour es 100% en Español e Inglés
Check our Meeting Points in Lima

FreeTour Lima 10am - Pick up in Calle Schell 178 outside Oechsle Mall, Mrflrs

Free Tour Lima 11am & 3pm - in front of La Mercerd Church in Lima center

Make a wise decision in Lima, see our awesome 500+ reviews at:

How to get to our meeting points in lima? | lima walking tour map | kennedy park

Consider that Lima is a big city, to get to our meeting points would take sometimes long, like 25 min on foot, therefore we strongly encourage you to use our Google Maps which clearly implemented above, we also did for your JPG maps pls check them before getting to our walking tour meeting points | please consider you know which district you’re staying so that you choose your correct gathering point | Lima Walking Tour Map | If you come at 10am, we gather near to  Kennedy Park, if Lima Centre gathering point check here.

Who are we in Lima city?

We pioneered the free walking tours in Cusco, Peru back in 2012 since then no-stopping we´ve done good to great and this year 2018 we´ve decided to open an Extension of Free Walking Tours in Lima cause of the High-Demand asking for Decent & Real free tours in Lima and we´re making it happen: Inkan Milky Way Tours Lima | This is who we´re then a company offering authentic walks & tours 100% history focused.

What is a Free Walking Tour in Lima?

Our Free Walking Tour Lima is interesting, great quality tours, educational and sometimes fun, because of these reasons and more our Free Tours are getting very popular, so don’t miss this opportunity | Sure like 99% of walking tour companies we also work on Tip Basis, tip your Guide according to the quality of the tour, if by any chance your free walking tour was not good, please you don’t have to tip, this is what a free tour is about in the world.

We are a recommended Free Walking Tour Lima on TripAdvisor¡

We live on the 21st century where Traveling became more affordable and there are many tour options, so the best way to make a wise decision before choosing a service or a product are the testimonials or reviews displayed on many social medias like Facebook, Google Business or even Tripadvisor, unlike many tour companies whose Business name describe exactly what they offer: Free Walking Tour Lima Tripadvisor, ours is different name in order to differentiate ourselves from the competitors, we finally opened our business listing on TripAdvisor as: Inkan Milky Way Tours Lima, where we already achieved fantastic testimonials because we´re Seniors & knowledgeable when it comes to run free walking tours in Peru | You can also see our Reviews on: 250+ google maps Mrflrs – Lima | 50+ google maps Lima | 65+ Facebook, Make a Wise Decision, don´t gable with your precious time.

Private Walks in Cusco & More Free Tours in Perú

If you prefer joining a private walking tour, sign up for our custom walks in Cusco If you are traveling to Lima or Arequipa you can join our free tour partners, they are offering a good to great quality free walking tours.

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