Private Tours Cusco – Custom Walks

“While walking with us, you are not on tour, you are hanging out with a friend that happens to be a Local showcasing Cusco”

Cusco city inspires amazement with its rich and astonishingly Inca Wall Remains and The beautiful Baroque style Churches brought by the Castilians, combined with stunning scenery old colonial background that has the power to stop travelers in their tracks, a compelling history and a legacy of the fascinating Inca culture and Spanish civilization, which have formed a harmonious ensemble that still exists today… Cusco is not a simple old city, but one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Our private tour cusco (Custom walks) are designed to showcase all that is has to offer.
Join our best private Tour Guides in Cusco City – Peru, all of them are professionals that have studied at the college and have the
permission from the Government to work as tour guides, our company is 100% authorized by the city hall, the way it should be to assure the quality of tours in Peru.
Whether you represent a school, a business, or a large family our private tours are perfect for any group or individuals to join us. We can customize each tour based on your preferences.
We offer the best private – custom tours: Private city Tour Cusco, Machupicchu Tour, Sacred Valley Private Tour, Private Trekking Guides and much more, contact us so that we help you.

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or the last 10 years walking tour services became very popular across the globe, the first walking tour company was founded in 2003 – Germany Berlin by Christopher Sandman since then this concept of walking-touring in the cities started booming therefore most walking tour companies manage big groups so our private walks below are designed for all visitors who don’t like big crowds!
Choose your starting time below, the itineraries are pretty much the same.

Downtown Walking Tour Cusco at 9am

Escape the crowds, get a customized walking tour in Downtown Cusco, personal, flexible, affordable and reasonable prices. If you just arrived to Cusco city, this tour is definitely your cup of tea.


Just arrived to Cusco? Don’t know what to do? Worried about uphill walking tours? You just had a crowded tour? Expensive tours? Then join our tailored walking tour 100% private.


Don’t know what to do in the night time? Make the best in Cusco by walking and talking the best photos about the Plaza de Armas & Qoricancha, get a warm clothing at all times – especially in the night time.



Almudena Cemetery + San Francisco Church Catacombs

Tired of touring at the most touristic places? Then visit the catacombs of San Francisco where approximately 7 thousands monks, nuns, aristocratic people have been buried

Mercado San Pedro + Cathedral + Qoricancha

3 top best things to do, all in one, unveil the secrets of our ancient Cathedral, the most iconic catholic symbol, pepper it with the Lifestyle at the San Pedro.

Moon Temple + White Jesus + Monkey Temple | Short Trek

Explore the Upper part of Cusco city by walking! For this short trekking we ask everyone to be keen to walk to enjoy the least known places around