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Zipline in the Sacred Valley of Cusco

The best Canopy tours in Urubamba, Cusco

At InkanMilkyWay, we have the best Zipline option in Cusco so that you can take back home the best memory of your trip to the land of the Incas; The Zipline that we offer you takes place in the Sacred Valley of the Incas near the Urubamba city (two hours from the city of Cusco by bus).

What is Zipline?

Some people call this activity as Canopy, the experience consists of sliding over or between the treetops, crossing a ravine, crossing a river or a canyon for which cables are used, which will be fastened between two fixed points with enough difference in level so that the pulleys slide by gravity. Book your canopy tour in Cusco today!

Information about the zipline cables we have:

  1. The first cable is 300 meters long: This cable is very soft and slow so that you can familiarize and feel confident with the activity
  2. The second cable is 450 meters long: This cable is faster and you can already perceive the feeling of being “flying”
  3. The third cable measures 700 meters: It is a fast cable where extreme movements or positions can already be carried out
  4. The fourth cable measures 550 meters: Don’t underestimate this cable because it measures less than the third cable; this cable will show you all the majesty of the Sacred Valley of the Incas (you will see it from 250 meters high) and finally, you will also see the depth of Pacchayoc canyon


  • Schedules
    • Group Tour: Every day at 9 am and 2 pm
    • Private Tour: On request, we recommend starting this tour at 9 am
    • We don’t operate on the 1st of January
  • Duration
    • About 4.5 hours
      • 9 am to 1:30 pm approx.
      • 2 pm to 6.30 pm approx.
  • Language
    • Group Tour: Bilingual (Spanish and English)
    • Private Tour: Only one language (Spanish, English), you choose the language — if you prefer another language, let us know your preference!
  • Tour Type
    • Group tour or 100% Private tour, you choose your cup of tea — this excursion is designed exclusively for adults up to 18 years old
  • Transportation
    • Cusco—Racchi (Urubamba)—Cusco by bus
  • Tour Ending Place
    • Group Tour: Next to the Plaza de Armas
    • Private Tour: We can finish anywhere in the historic center such as the Plaza de Armas or drop you off at your hotel or Airbnb
  • How to make reservations?
    • Please contact us via this page. We will give you a quote, and once we agree, you will receive a custom offer with the price
    • If you are browsing with a cell phone, click on the Book Now button on the Menu or Scroll down
  • Please Bring
    • Sweaters or jackets, non-slip shoes, raincoats, caps or hats, sunglasses, water, sunscreen and local currency
  • Included
    • Group Tour:
      • Bus pick up from your hotel as long as you stay in the historic center
      • 100% authorized and trained guides and instructors
      • Equipment for the activity: harness, canopy set, pulley, carabiners, gloves and helmet
      • Four cables for you to use
      • First aid kit
      • Tourist bus with air conditioning
    • Private Tour:
      • The bus and tour guide can pick you up from your hotel or anywhere in Cusco city and we cover all the inclusions mentioned on the Group Tour
  • Not Included
    • Video and photo service
    • Meal
      Tips (optional)
  • WhatsApp


  • Group Tour:
    • 35 USD per person
  • Private Tour:
    • 75 USD per person based on 2 people


If you travel with your family or in a group of 3 or more people, let us know, we have big discounts.

Booking terms:

The attendee cannot weigh more than 100 kilograms.

Meeting Point

    • Group Tour: We include bus pick-up from your hotel (applies only if your hotel is located in the historic centre); otherwise, we will coordinate another meeting place according to your convenience.
    • Private Tour: We include bus and the tour guide pick-up from your hotel, Airbnb or any location in Cusco city


The route below may change because of strikes, weather issues, and festivities.

  1. Pick up at your hotel at 9 am or 2 pm approx. — if applicable or requested
  2. Cusco to Racchi by bus: After 50 minutes bus ride, we will arrive at this small community located at 3,677 masl — Don’t get confused between the Racchi community and the archaeological complex of Raqchi
  3. In Racchi, our guide will give you a brief introduction to this sport and he will also explain about safety protocols to be taken before doing this activity
  4. next, comes the 4 ziplining activities:
    • The first one measures 300 meters: Smooth and slow
    • The second cable is 450 meters: A bit fast
    • The third cable measures 700 meters: Fast
    • The fourth cable measures 550 meters: It’s a panoramic cable so that you can see the Sacred Valley and the Pacchayoc canyon
  5. Racchi to Cusco by bus
  6. You will be back in Cusco at about 1:30 pm or 6:30 pm
  7. This tour ends next to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco (not at your hotel unless you request a private tour)
  8. Note: If you book a private tour, we can adjust the itinerary to suit you better: Meeting points, inclusions, schedules, food, etc.


You can cancel the tour up to 48 hours in advance; otherwise, a fee of 100% of the cost of the tour will apply.


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