Tours in Cusco – Sacred Valley – Machupicchu

For the last 20 years Peru became very touristic, definitely it is one of the top things to do in Machupicchu, the magnet for this activity is Machupicchu therefore we got millions of tourists coming to Cusco to take the tour of their life what is more Machupicchu is one of the seven wonders in the world and Cusco city is a Unesco World Heritage site, then let us guide you in your Peru tours Cusco.

Tours Cusco+

If you are planning to come to Peru – Cusco, let us know your doubts, requests about your pans to Machupicchu and other destinations in Cusco and Peru, you can also reserve flight tickets, hotel, bus tickets or train tickets, our travel consultants and tour partners will help you to organize the best itinerary of your journey.
There are a lot of tours that you can take in Cusco city apart from the classic City Tours Cusco, the Sacred Valley circuit or tours to Machupicchu – you can take other Cusco day tours on the outskirts of this city such us moray maras & salt mines tour, the road of Andean baroque, biking, trekking, horse riding tours, rainbow mountain and much more.
If you are heading to other cities in Peru such as Arequipa, Puno we can also help you with your day trips from Cusco to Lake Titicaca or the Colca canyon tours.

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or the last 10 years walking tour services became very popular across the globe, the first walking tour company was founded in 2003 – Germany Berlin by Christopher Sandman since then this concept of walking-touring in the cities started booming therefore most walking tour companies manage big groups so our private walks below are designed for all visitors who don’t like big crowds!
Choose your starting time below, the itineraries are pretty much the same.

Almudena Cemetery + San Francisco Church Catacombs

Tired of touring at the most touristic places? Then visit the catacombs of San Francisco where approximately 7 thousands monks, nuns, aristocratic people have been buried

Mercado San Pedro + Cathedral + Qoricancha

3 top best things to do, all in one, unveil the secrets of our ancient Cathedral, the most iconic catholic symbol, pepper it with the Lifestyle at the San Pedro.

Moon Temple + White Jesus + Monkey Temple | Short Trek

Explore the Upper part of Cusco city by walking! For this short trekking we ask everyone to be keen to walk to enjoy the least known places around

Qoricancha + Santo Domingo Church + Mural Painting

A holy temple for the Wari Culture, taken over by the Incas, renamed Inti Cancha or Inti Wasi or simple “the temple of the Sun”, nowadays known as “Qoricancha”.

Cathedral + San Francisco Church | Arte Gallery Tour

The Cathedral built over the palace of Viracocha known as Kiswarcancha, it is a must to do in Cusco since it does offer great ART GALLERY inside it dating back to colonial times.

Saqsayhuaman + Qenqo + White Jesus | Short Trek

Are you keen to walk uphill? Want the best landscape? Then this tour is the one for you since it combines both history and landscape, we start in the morning from downtown.